Shanti Ananda Newsletter 4/2016

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Student’s picture on CPE

Every two months, a "Creativity Progress Exhibition" (CPE) is held at the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School. The children have the opportunity to show their works - often very inspiring - which have been prepared during the creativity periods The students visit the others in their class rooms to see their exhibits, sometimes also small performances. In this "creativity exhibition" unrestrained creative power is expressed.

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View to the class rooms of the classes 5 to 7

The last three of a total of nine, spirally arranged, houses for the two kinder garden classes and the 1st to 7th class are ready; this completes our main building work. I would like to thank our two main donors, Professor J. Weyer and Herbert Fruendt, on behalf of the entire project! They made it possible to realize our vision of a creative and ecologically oriented nature school.

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But there are further construction measures to be done: a multipurpose hall to be used for workshops, meetings, yoga and other events. We plan a covered amphitheatre; it is to be positioned in the vicinity of the administration building. We would also like to build "Staff Quarters" (houses for employees) on the premises, as is customary here. And a sports hall would be useful as well...

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On the inside of the butterfly-shaped bike course five playground devices have been anchored and painted, donated by Yogistar ( and designed and built by us. Thus, our long-planned playground is "put into operation". A slide, a seesaw, a swing, a climbing gear and a carrousel invite the children to special experiences. This playground is the first and only in Mudigubba.

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We need new donors as our previous sponsorship contract has expired; please inform friends and acquaintances about our project and forward this newsletter. We will soon be reporting news on Facebook. The focus on creativity, ecology and nature, based on human values of wisdom, righteousness, love, peace and non-violence, will also be discussed there. People who are enthusiastic about our project are invited to create together with us a higher standard in pedagogy!

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Art painter Prabhakar

Our society car has been providing us with the most faithful service by transporting us from Puttaparthi to Mudigubba, 40 km away, and is now being painted: school area views on the sides as well as the society logo and the website on the front and back are intended to draw people's attention to the project and - in the best case – to bring more donations. A new project flyer is also in preparation.

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Neem tree bench

The first (and only in 2010) tree on the area, a neem tree, was upgraded with a round bench. Children and employees like to use it. Now it was decorated with mosaics and surrounded with stones and plantation beds.

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Future bicycle stand

In the last few months several stairs have been covered with mosaics; the forecourt of the administrative building will be designed as well with a large mosaic in the school colours green and pink. The still "naked" concrete snake, which is not far from the entrance gate, is to be given a mosaic skin; it will later serve as a bicycle stand.
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Rally of the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School 

On September 23rd many schools, including ours, were passing through the city of Mudigubba with banners. The occasion was the alarming spreading of the dangerous Dengue fever in the Anantapur District. Causes are unclean conditions (as on the streets with still lots of garbage), but also bad diet leading to a weak immune system. The demonstration should draw attention to these abuses. On this occasion it became clear once again how important cleanliness is - from the very beginning we are working to develop awareness and habits in this direction...

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Headmaster Raja Sekhar with dog – left Helga Shanti, right Horst Wagner

Topic of the "Nature Day" in August was "dog". A special attraction on this day - next to pictures, dramas and sculptures - was the white dog of headmaster Raja Sekhar, liked by everyone and causing a good mood and atmosphere. Only two weeks later our black female dog was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. This event made us aware that there is no security against snakes. Especially as a nature school with a large area, we have to live with this risk. So far no one has been bitten by a snake; however our doctor in Mudigubba has a counter poison - in case of a case.

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Dog burial

Good yoga classes have been held at the Shanti Ananda School for a long time. Special yoga clothing has now been made available to the students - thanks to the company Yogistar, who donated for this purpose. The Yoga clothing made of stretchy material - - is held in the colours green and pink like the school uniforms, only the yoga teachers prefer blue. The older children and the parents are responsible for caring and maintenance, the yoga clothing is in the possession of the school and should be also used by later student generations.

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The Peace Welfare Society from Hyderabad, led by Dr. Suresh, the brother of your head master Raja Sekhar, donated some medicine to the school for the monthly Health Camp.

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I had on October 16th ten-year "service jubilee"; On October 16th 2006 I moved to Puttaparthi, India, to "save" a small school. At that time I could not have imagined what would happen to me in the next ten years and what development this school would take. I think that from the Shanti Ananda school project we can look back with a certain pride on this past decade ... But the challenges of the present will certainly still occupy us enough.


With very cordial greetings!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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