On November 29th 2007 the monthly Health Camp was started.
The students will be examined by our doctor Mussal Reddy and receive medicine and advice if needed.

The health camp is very important as it gives a chance to all our students to check their health status regularly

Health Camp with School Doctor Mussal Reddy July 2013


First Health Camp in November 2007 with two doctors

The Health Camp inspired the Doctor Game in the kinder garden booklet: “We select a doctor (wearing a white shirt) who has to examine two or three members. The doctor asks the first patient about his diseases. He says for example that he is suffering of cough and cold. The doctor writes this into his note book. The teacher gives an explanation to all children how these diseases develop and how they spread. Then the doctor can examine the next children”. We plan to give plant medicine to the students if possible; the school doctor Mussal Reddy is cooperating. We want to plant Medical Plants on the new area and have the vision to produce medicine of plants and substances coming from plants.
As well we conducted two Eye Camps at the School - arranged by the Peace Welfare Society from Hyderabad under guidance of Dr. B. Suresh, brother of Raja Sekhar, our headmaster. The students received treatment and medicine and as well glasses if needed.
A very touching situation happened on April 2013. Raju, a 5th class student, was very sick. His parents took him to the hospital in Puttaparthy where he got a prescription for medicine not improving his condition. One more doctor consulted by the unhappy parents recommended blood transfusions strongly – but here in India the people have to care for blood reserves on their own. The very poor parents asked relatives and friends for help with little success; at the end desperately they approached headmaster Raja Sekhar who immediately promised help. Teacher Prabhavathi donated blood for Raju and will do this once again. Furthermore students and teachers collected money handed over to Raju’s very happy parents on that day in the school. More than 2600 Rupees were collected by teachers and students...

Eye Camp at the School in 2012


The 7th class students hand over the donation to Raju's parents