The Shanti Ananda School

The Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School (Upper Primary English Medium School) is located on an area of 9,5 acres at the water tank in Mudigubba, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. 2010 - 2016 we built an eco sustainable school including buildings, gardens, play ground, bicycle parcours and other facilities. Our concept includes reforestation and plantation; more than 3000 trees have been planted within the last years.

“Shanti Ananda” means peace and bliss! This name symbolizes our efforts to strive for Human values. Wisdom, Righteousness, Love, Peace and Non Violence are in the centre of our awareness.

  • 170 students attend the school in the academic year 2021/22
  • Upper Primary School (Kinder Garden and 1. – 7. class) for up to 180 children
  • English Medium School
  • Education in Human Values (EHV)
  • Learning with Head, Heart and Hands
  • Creativity in the focus
  • Yearly Project Week and monthly Project Day (Nature Day), monthly Health Camp
  • Model School
" Teacher Workshop 2001 "
The ancestor or our newly built school was started 2001 under the name "Nagananda School" in the heart of Mudigubba by Swami Nagananda for poor children. This school was simple; not even a school stamp existed, and all the teaching materials had to be arranged by the teachers on their own. In 2001 a creativity workshop was arranged by Helga Shanti Fruendt and Horst Wagner to enable the teachers to teach with more joy and fun (contents: painting, paper theatre, games, music and role games).
When Swami Nagananda died in July 2006 Helga Shanti Fründt - teacher, social therapist and art painter from Germany - took the responsibility for the school. The Shanti Ananda Education Society was started in November 2006. Till 2008 the elementary needs were satisfied: water and power access, official right to use the building, maintenance, teaching materials, school uniforms and books. The Recognition was a part of this basic equipment – recently introduced for the Indian schools. The teachers received English coaching and training; and they took additional duties like the responsibility for the small library, laptop and new teaching materials.

Since 2008 Education in Human Values, Meditation, Yoga, Handicrafts, painting, Games and computer work became regular contents expressing education for the head, heart and hands. More and more child centered play way methods, sense oriented approaches and a variety of body movements were integrated into the kinder garden education. In March 2009 we published a booklet with more than 40 games to inspire teachers and educators to use more play way methods. Since 2008 we had regular teacher training for quality improvement of the teachings. In February 2008 the teachers created the vision of a Nature Concept School with the focus to learn for life. Since 2009 we conduct a project week every academic year, in 2010 a monthly Project Day (Nature Day) was started. In February 2010 we purchased the new school land thanks to Herbert Fründt and Professor Dr. Weyer from Germany; from 2010 - 2016 we built up our Creative Nature Concept School.