Nature School Area
The vision for the design of the school area is a spiral formed by octagon buildings built with Nature material. Our designer Horst Wagner – very fond of the Sacred Geometry – inspired a beautiful architecture with a energetically high quality satisfying the needs of students and teachers for harmony. We built our buildings on the 9.5 acres area between 2010 and 2016. The nine class houses (one house for every class, from LKG to 7th class) are arranged in the shape of a spiral, with the LKG students in the centre. This most dynamic shape of the universe can be found in many natural creations. The meaning of this symbol is expansion and growth...
All the buildings are covered with "Kerala roofs"; this roof type has a dome on top of the roof to enable air flow; a veranda - for a cooling effect - is present in every building... The entrance gate - a very charming and artistic creation - is located between two curved walls with four golden onion towers. The walls are crowned with the shape of the Merkhaba (Holy Geometry). The water tank is a globe - reminding of Mother Earth; it will be seen from the entrance gate at first sight. The „Green Class room” - constructed of iron rods and covered with blue creepers - is one of the students' favourite places as it is in midst of nature.

Students in 2014 reciting a mantram for a tree, in the background administration and toilet block

More than 3000 trees – forming the beginning of our perma culture – were planted on the area which should become a forest similar to the Ananda Forest near to Puttaparthy - like an oasis in midst of desertification.

Prayer to Mother Earth

Oh Mother Earth, in your lap we live our lives
and die our deaths.
On your bodywe have our joys and our pains as well.
You are a very old home of us;
we appreciate you and love you forever.
We want to transform you
into a pure planet of our dreams,
We want to transform you into a planet
where all the creatures have the same value.
We want to transform you into a lovely and soft goddess,
And we embrace you, Mother Earth, with all our love.
You are the ground nourishing us and caring for us.
We want to transform you
into fertile fields of peace, bliss and happiness.
We pray that joy and freedom with millions of sweet smells
may fill our hearts and our souls.
Oh Amma! Oh Amma! Oh Amma!