In the Academic Year 2018/19 Mini project weeks were added to our regular program. We had performed nature days since 2010, and it was necessary to add some more options to our students who are very eager to create with a lot of phantasy and strength. The mini project weeks, with a length of 3 days, will be performed every two months. There will be 9 permanent groups within the academic year, with the option to change the group for single students. Each group will cover a different topic. Every mini project week has different topics, chosen by the students.

Our first mini project week was in July 2018. Here is a small video on YouTube:

Topics: waste materials, leaves, paper cutting, pollution, stones, maintenance, clothes, body parts and teaching aids. Each group prepared exhibits in a class room, the maintenance group arranged a drama as well. Please have a look to the face book page to get more impressions.