Swimming Lesson
in the Shanti Ananda School

an exotic experience in Mudigubba
Today nobody knows:
     Who had the idea of
             Swimming Lesson?

May be it was Headmaster Raja who told me that sometimes children fell into a well and drown?

May be the teachers wanted more Creativity Lessons?

Perhaps it might even be an echo from the old Naganda Ashram where there was a swimming pool?

However! Swimming Lessons in this area are quite a little sensation! But it's not only fun.

It is part of our nature concept and a valuable addition to creative teachings. It promotes body awareness and strengthens self-confidence and social skills.

    Swimming saves live!

Because Andhra Pradesh is almost half a desert, the thought of swimming lessons seems almost unnecessary.

Most people here are, understandably, unaware of the need to be able to swim. And that can, although rarely, have a tragic end.

In the Shanti Ananda School the children are playfully confronted with a dangerous situation. In a way that they do not even perceive it as a danger.

And if children ever were to fall into a well,
the Swimming Lessons will actually save their life!

This reminds me of an old fable I once read, the fine gentleman and the old ferryman.

But, please, first feel welcome to watch:

the Pool in the old Nagananda Ashram:
Hey! What's up there?

once in the early years of 2000 ...


... and after Swami has left


women still take drinking water ...


... out of public open wells

The "Swimming Lesson Video"
   The fine gentleman and the old ferryman

A very successful and famous businessman once wanted to visit his family. They lived far away on the other side of the river and he had to take a ferry. The ferryman was already an old man as well as his old boat.

In the ferry, the fine gentleman from the city read the newspaper and was shocked because the price on Wall Street had fallen sharply. But the old ferryman didn't know this road, this street. The famous businessman was very astonished and said he had wasted 25% of his life.

A little later he said that he had to know the stock market! But unfortunately the old man did only know the vegetable market. The fine man was outraged and said he had wasted 50% of his life!

But at least he can read something about the world in the newspaper. But the ferryman came from a poor family and could not even read or write. The gentleman was beside himself and said that he had wasted 75% of his life!

Then a storm came up and the old boat leaked and began to sink. The ferryman asked the educated gentleman if he could swim. The famous businessman indignantly replied that he had sacrificed many years for his studies and there was no time for a "Swimming Lesson".

And now the old ferryman was feared and said that
the fine gentleman had wasted 100% of his life!