Edmund the Circus Director

Edmund Elstak volunteered in the Shanti School
until he left his body in September 2022.
Death is the limit of life, but not of love!
We miss you and will always remember!

He was manager of physical training and teached the children Acrobatics and Circus, Sports and Games.
Ed likes colours and creativity
Dear Edmund Circus Director!
Thank you very much for the colourful
inspirations you brought to our school!

Dear Edmund Circus Director! Thank you very much for the colourful inspirations you brought to our school!

I met Edmund the first time in 2018 or 2019 in the school. This was sometime not too much before his 70th birthday. I was very impressed by the training he did, especially of course the acrobatic elements.

And that's why I decided my first video (
I was learning film editing at that time) should be a birthday present about Edmund and his circus lessons:

 "Edmund's Circus"
To mark his 70th birthday, we made another video on behalf of the staff and all the children, a video message from headmaster Raja to Edmund.
Edmunds biography
His biography is as colourful as his shirts!

In 1938 his father emigrated from the Dutch colony Surinam in South America to the Netherlands and married a woman from Arnheim.

Edmund was born in 1949 and grew up in Amsterdam. He fell in love with circus at the age of six when the “Children Circus Elbow” gave a show in his neighbourhood. But the circus was too far away for the child to get into contact.

Edmund teaches theory
It took 25 more years before destiny brought them together again.

Then he started to volunteer with the “Children Circus Elbow” for 17 hours a week. In the following years he taught circus skills at various Dutch youth centres.

Also he volunteered in a theatre performing the children’s musical “The Booted Cat”.

As he grew older, he moved his residence slowly to India.

After teaching in various Indian schools he retired, thinking he would never train again as he was already in his sixties, until he met Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School :-))

Edmund teaches practice
children put theory into practice
He did not only teach circus training

Edmund was a certified EHV teacher (Education in Human Values) and social worker, having completed his training in the Academy.

There he learned about the three milieus:

  • The first milieu is the family.
  • The second is the school where you get education for your work and career.
  • The third is the out of school education, creativity and hobbies.

When he visited the Shanti Ananda School he was excited about the integration of the 2nd and 3rd milieu.

Actually this was the main reason why he started his “Circus Club” teachings again.

children practice great
the school connects the 2nd and 3rd milieu

One more time:

Thank you very much Mr. Circus!

Thank you very much

Mr. Circus!