The Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School

The Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School in Mudigubba an Upper Primary English Medium School, is the main project of the Shanti Ananda Education Society (SAES). "Shanti Ananda” means peace and bliss - this name symbolizes our efforts to strive for these human values. 189 students attend the school in the academic year 2017/18.


Our Programme

Kinder Garden

Kinder Garden

The German word Kinder Garden means a garden for children; children - same like plants - should be treated according to their needs.
Nature Days

Nature Days

Every Nature Day is a Project Day - arranged monthly - concentrating into a special topic.External people have the chance to lead a Nature Day to spread their knowledge concerning different aspects of nature.
Celebrations and functions

Celebrations and functions

We conduct different types of celebrations and functions at the school. like Republic Day, Independence Day, Children's Day and other events.
Health Camp

Health Camp

The health camp is very important as it gives a chance to all our students to check their health status regularly.
Budget & Funding

Budget & Funding

In 2013 we received the recognition by the government of India as a charity organisation (12 A). We have regular monthly expenditures of three Lakhs Rupees.
Daily Life

Daily Life

We offer a free education basing on Human Values with an integration of normal subjects  a creativity program and Indian cultural techniques.
  • Education basing on human values with head, heart and hands
  • Awareness about health and education
  • Encouragement of games and cultural activities
  • Free education for the poorest of the poor
  • Restoration of ecological balance with eco friendly agriculture
  • Reversion of desertification in the District
  • Gender equality
  • Support of ancient Indian techniques for the personality development
Education in Human Values is the core of our education. Our students learn with head, heart and hands in a child centered way with play way methods. We try to improve the quality of teaching by teacher training and teachers' evaluation. Yearly a project week is conducted, monthly a project day (Nature Day) is arranged. Social responsibility plays a major role in our school life. Meanwhile we are well known as a model school.


The School Program includes a child centred education: The students should learn in a holistic way with head, heart and hands. In addition to the normal subjects Art, Handicrafts and Sports should be taught. Play way methods and nature exploration already in the kinder garden is fundamental for appreciating the nature and environmental issues. Gardening, caring for animals and the school area are practical results of Education in Human Values. Music is important for self-expression enabling learning; play way methods should be used. Projects are a regular part of the school life; students and parents should actively shape their school."

Donation Accounts of the Shanti Ananda Education Society

Andhra Bank

(FCRA Account)
Mudigubba Branch
A/C No: 185410100007532
IFSC: ANDB0001854

German Donation Account

Spendenkonto der Anahata Stiftung fuer Naturschule Mudigubba

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
(Anahata Stiftung, Munich)

Ktn: 375 1241 124
BLZ: 700 205 00
IBAN: DE72700205003751241124

Andhra Bank

(General Account)
Mudigubba Branch
A/C No : 185410100193769
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