Campaign 1000

Thank you for your help

Dear friends of our Shanti School
The Campaign 1000 shall secure the Shanti school in the long term. Our noble aspiration is to find 1000 sponsors donating 12 euros (dollars) monthly.

As most of you may already know, there are currently two donors from Germany who finance the Shanti School for the most part.

But since they are now over 70 years old, it's time to make provisions. And for that the Campaign 1000.

The 12 euros or dollars are of course just an arbitrarily chosen number, which I assume is possible for everyone. Of course it can be more or less.  (but better more :-)

Collective power is important! Campaign 1000 aims to create a loyal community of supporters who take a heartwarming joy in supporting the Shanti School!
happy fearless children ...
... learn better and sustainable
Number one: Directly to our account
Best option within the SEPA payment area >> no fees!

Spendenkonto der
Anahata Stiftung

für die Naturschule Mudigubba

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
(Anahata Stiftung, München)

Ktn: 375 1241 124
BLZ: 700 205 00
IBAN: DE72700205003751241124
Number two: The Donation Module

Currently you can only donate in Euros via the donation module. Please be aware that transaction costs may occur depending on the bank.

Thank you very much!
May your donations prosper and sprout
like the trees of our school!