Shanti Ananda Newsletter 3/2016

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Dome of the Guest and Multipurposehouse

With the completion of the basic structure on the area a new aera starts for us as the agreement with the two main donors comes to an end.

We need new donors supporting our project in the next time – in the best case with regular monthly donations. The presentation in the attachment gives a survey about the essentials of the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School Project. This link guides to the photo presentation:, you can have a look to this file and download it as well (eventually you might have to arrange a Dropbox account). Our momentary financial situation can be described in a way that we are open for new money sources – wishfully by human beings who love our special pedagogy, architecture and philosophy.

I want to request you cordially to think about with your heart whether you want to realize together with us the vision of a creative ecological and human value-based project guiding into a bright future. Our mission is to bring mankind to a higher level by giving the best education to poor children and like thus contribute to a better community. Please share our vision and mission by opening your heart and money purse! Each contribution is helping! Please talk about this with other human beings! Thank you!

Since 2010 – primarily thanks to many years of active support by the German donors Herbert Fruendt and Prof. Dr. Juergen Weyer - we could build our new school facilities on an area of 9.5 acres at the edge of Mudigubba. Construction office, guest and multifunctional House, the large administration building (including Headmaster Office, staffroom, society office, computer room, library, two labs and entrance area (for gatherings and more), nine class houses, a Green classroom and as well watchman and gardener houses were built with natural stones and home-made eco bricks - climate friendly with surrounding veranda and "Kerala Roof" (ventilation gap between the roof and dome). About 3,000 trees were planted, and a variety of different garden elements have been created. The basic idea for the design of the site was the arrangement of the class houses in a spiral, symbolizing expansion and growth - what we wish us well for our innovative project.

Our students, thanks to our special pedagogy, have a good projection before their peers, as they are brought up on the basis of human values. Creativity or creative power- (core of the human mind) comes first to us; our topics such as Meditation, Yoga, Karate, Cycling, Games and Sports, Dance, Music, Gardening, Handicrafts, Art and Computer Work, give a broad impression of the work – additionally to the "standard topics" like mathematics, languages and (natural) science. The local High Schools do lick their fingers for our students, as they are self-confident, cooperative, with social behaviour and centred - they allegedly prefer only those children; but the "output" of the normal schools looks significantly different...

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4th class on Nature Day in July with topic „fox“

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Teacher Prabhavathi (yellow T-Shirt) and other teachers at Yoga presentation

On June 22nd World Yoga day was celebrated. Since our school (not only in this) is a leader in the whole area, our yoga teacher Prabhavathi was sent to the High School for girls in Mudigubba (Government School) to present along with some of our students some yogasanas (yoga exercises). The High School students enthusiastically joined. Unfortunately, sport and exercise is still a stepchild to the Indian schools, but slowly the current consciousness is changing. Events like the World Yoga Day are likely to bring into public awareness the importance of Yoga (for body, soul and spirit) and beyond, how much joy and excitement it  brings into the daily school life - quite apart from the now known positive effects onto concentration, efficiency and productivity.

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Students of the High School for Girls practising Yoga

Topic of the Nature Day in July was "fox" - selected by the 6th and 7th classes. The monthly project day - colourful and inspirational as always – gives great fun to students and teachers, but also to employees, visitors and guests. This special day, every time focusing onto a specific topic, is the monthly highlight of our - already exciting and interesting - school life.

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Room Decoration of the 4th class

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Drama of the 6th class

Headmaster Raja Sekhar stressed that the children will keep those memories for life. In each class, a huge floor decoration is created - one more beautiful than the other. The classes visit each other to admire their results. Artworks of children are shown and dramas will be played (in the entrance area of the administration building). I noticed how well versed and with how much confidence the children now perform their roles as actors and actresses, readers and other roles in public, giving fundamental self-confidence ... And who of us - as a child – would not have wanted  every month to celebrate a creative festival at school?

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Drama of the 7th class

On Nature Day in July, there was a very special attraction: a young graduate of Mahatma Gandhi College in Delhi came to visit us, to show off some of his paper folding- and cutting techniques. He showed us in a rousing way his capability with folding techniques, scissors and coloured paper and inspired the children to standing ovations. Many children may have discovered their love for such paper work on that day. Our library is now richer by two special books.

Paper folding- and cutting presentation

Seasaw and climbing device

The company „Yogistar“ from Germany donated an amount for playground devices, after completion they will be fixed in the single areas inside the bicycle Parcours.

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Slider under completion

Meanwhile, the preparation works are in an advanced state; seasaw and climbing device (jungle gym) have to be completed; the slider is currently being built by the welder. So the children are now able to login to another attraction - a playground – on the school area...

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New Medicine Wheel

In the centre of the site, we created a new "medicine wheel" in order to be able to celebrate a powerful ceremony in the style of the Hopi Indians. The old medicine wheel was ousted by the bike course ... We want to pray to the universe and to the nature spirits always to be supplied with enough resources to celebrate our innovative pedagogy.

With very cordial greetings!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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