Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2016

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Google Earth Photo

Our construction activities are almost completed - the recent Google Earth photo shows the school area. The classrooms form a large spiral - including the last three houses under construction (in the south between guesthouse and administration building). Bicycle course and Moringa garden are clearly recognizable.

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The last three class rooms under construction

The last three of the nine classrooms are nearly finished; the roof constructions are welded. Roofing and tiling works will follow; afterwards the interior spaces and surrounding walls will be painted. We assume that in July the 5th, 6th and 7th classes can shift into the new houses. Once the main construction works will be completed some projects are still pending: Multipurpose Hall, Sports’ Area, roads and paths, playground [sponsored by Yogistar], bicycle parking, landscape creating measures (around administration building and classrooms), border plantation, mosaics (entrance areas of classrooms, construction office, guesthouse and administration building) and circular bench around the first tree on the grounds, a neem tree. We would like to ask you, dear readers and donors, again to ‘extend your helping hand' in this matter!

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Horst Wagner fixing marbles on the fountain flower ovary

In the octagonal interior of the administration building the art works are nearly finished; a water feature will produce cooling effects in the relaxation zone designed for teachers and employees. The recovery area with the centrally located fountain is crowned by a blossom with water flowing down from the ovary decorated with marbles into the basin covered with green glass mosaics. All the spaces - except the white blossoms and the benches in the octagonal segments - are covered with (partly recycled) glass and tile mosaics predominantly in green tones; they correspond in colour with the dome, bathing the room in a meditative green light.

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In the Anantapur District since one month ago, a heat wave with temperatures up to 48 (!) degrees was dominating. The temperatures unusual for this time of year (more than 5 degrees over the last 30 years’ ∅) are attributed to the El Niño' effect. As never before, heat strokes and related weaknesses happened to workers and staff; even our foal had to be treated medically therefore. The whole State of India is in a state of emergency due to the extreme heat…

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Parents‘ Meeting in the entrance area of the administration building

On April 4th the second Parents’ Meeting of the Academic Year was arranged; it was attended by most of the parents. Subjects were exams, holiday courses and new admissions. The parents decided an annual donation of 1,000 rupees (about 14 Euros) to pay for materials, because their children receive education, school uniforms and books for free, starting with the new school year (beginning:  June 11th). Afterwards a Saraswathi Pooja and a farewell ceremony for the 7th class took place; the students are leaving our school and will change to the local High Schools.

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Students of 6th and 7th class after a performance

Inspired by the World Cultural Festival in Delhi of the popular “Art of Living” movement (, founded by the spiritual teacher Ravi Shankar), Peace Troubador James Twyman (http://www. called for universal meditation on March 12th, 13th and 14th to strengthen the heart of Planet Earth - this heart is India. All our students meditated together on March 12th at 12 pm; children should imagine their highest and most beautiful vision of India focusing on it for 10 minutes. For the very first time we arranged such a vision empowering meditation – in spite of meditation being part of the daily standard program for many years. Subsequently, the children painted their visions, intuitions and experiences. The resulting artworks are interesting, complex and touching. Many images implement statements, calls and requests (Clean India, Green India, No difference between rich and poor, Save the nature, Save the Animals, Save every drop of water, Don’t cut trees, etc.). The teachers were very impressed by this experience (they meditated together the next day as a part of a teacher training) expressing that the individuality of the children will be strengthened by listening to the inner voice of the soul... Such a vision can certainly play a very important role and be a vibrant impulse to recognize one's own destiny and purpose in life.

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Pictures inspired by the meditation

The Nature Day in March focused on the topic "fish". There were dramas and paper theatre performances, a big variety of colourful images, decorative floor designs and several aquariums, with one even containing a real fish.

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Paper theatre performance by children

Highlight was the teachers’ paper theatre performance. They addressed the history of the fish "Swimmy" (writer: Leo Lionni). The paper theatre including stage and figurines had been created on a teacher workshop under my guidance in January and was shown to the students now...

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Paper theatre of the teachers

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2nd class children go swimming...

Our big watering basin recently came into the focus of attention, triggered by the high temperatures. It is regularly filled with the help of our tractor driver; he brings the water in the pendant from a bore well outside. We rented that groundwater bore to meet our water needs - our own water resources are not enough ... However, only rarely the large pool can be filled with water completely (the power for farmers is very cheap, but only few hours per day disposable - and the tractor has to pump water into the pendant six times and just as often travel back and forth to arrange the required amount of water ...). The children enjoyed it all the more that the pool was full...

With very cordial greetings!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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Table decoration for Saraswathi Pooja


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