Shanti Ananda Newsletter 1/2016

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Mango tree with fruits (f. l. t. r. Lakshmidevi, Suguna, Ramesh, Green Coordinator Narigappa)

This year, our fruit trees - mostly planted three years ago –carry fruits the very first time. The school area workforce (which waters the trees and maintains the area) is very proudly looking forward to the first mango harvest. BlackBerry (Black Berry), papaya and other fruit trees are also on the grounds (a small percentage of the trees planted by us since 2010).

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Tara with foal

Mare Tara gave birth to a female foal on January 16th. The first-born - a male foal born in March 2015 – had been killed in a tragic accident by wild dogs. As a consequence, the entire fence around the 36,000 square meter sized school area was sealed - to prevent "illegal" dogs from entering the area from outside. Tara and the foal are in a special enclosure and guarded on their excursions to the terrain.

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Logo idea prepared by students

In December "Moringa" was the topic of the monthly "Nature Day"; in the focus was the design of logos – with the purpose to inspire a logo for the Shanti Ananda Organic Products Private Limited. This company - structurally similar to a German GmbH - was founded to grow Moringa Olifeira trees (also called "Tree of Life") on a 4-acre terrain nearby to the school premises. The proceeds from the dried leaf powder should be a contribution to the financing of the school project in future.

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 Logos made by students

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Moringa Olifeira tree

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Teachers on their excursion to the Limited field

The Limited also finances the distribution of Moringa Ladoos (sweets) to the school children (twice a week) and sells a small number of Ladoos to an organic food shop in Puttaparthi. Soon a leaf harvest will be done for the second time; in future the leaves will be prepared in a washing and drying machine before being processed into powder. Till exports can take place abroad, time will pass by as the bureaucratic hurdles in this country require fitness and patience...

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Selling and information stand (left: Monika Mueller)

As part of a flea market on December 29th 2015 in Monika Mueller’s garden of her house in Puttaparthi (she is the president of the Anahata Foundation) - - we had an information and sales stand; besides Moringa Ladoos and Moringa powder self-produced  teddy bears were sold.

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Our Karate champions

In a Karate tournament - this time in Kadiri, only 20 km away - our 14 participating students won 22 medals (in Kathas 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, in Kummithe 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze); some children even won several medals. The tournament had been organized by Karate teacher Shaksha Vali. The Karate lessons are not only very popular, but also useful; besides physical fitness self-confidence, concentration and coordination will be improved. Our former student Sariya still comes regularly to the Karate training, although attending the High School since a year, and also participates in tournaments.

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Presentation of Karate fighting techniques

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Shanti Ananda employees and Karate teachers(2nd and3rd f. l.)

Like every year, school uniforms have been distributed to the students; each child will receive two sets (consisting of skirt and blouse for the girls, trousers and shirt for the boys). We're still a school exclusively for poor children, school uniforms and books are free; parents will do three days' service on the school area as a small compensation. The distribution of school uniforms was done in the presence of the parents. The Mandal Revenue Officer (M.R.O.) honoured us with his visit; he is responsible for administration issues concerning land in the Mudigubba Mandal.

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Distribution of school uniforms (f. l. t. r.: Headmaster Raja Sekhar, mother with child, Project manager Horst Wagner, M.R.O., me, Coordinator Chandra Mohan)

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Child’s picture with the topic „Deer“

Topic of the Nature Day in February was "deer", the children surpassed themselves with creativity and ingenuity. Small dramas were shown; pictures, assemblages and sculptures had been prepared. Especially the monthly Nature Day, a project day, shows up again and again that children are born artists, they have creativity "in their blood", it flows freely when only they are given the chance to do so ... This is one of the objectives of this school, useful for "life". Everything around us has been created – by man or by nature...

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Black Board painting with the topic “Deer”

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Deer park of the Kinder Garden children

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Deer park

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Team of drama players (7th class)


With very cordial greetings!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt



Donation Accounts

 Foreigners should give their donation to this FCRA account

Shanti Ananda Education Society

Andhra Bank, Mudigubba Branch

Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Account No: 185410100007532

IFSC: ANDB0001854


Indian persons should give their donation to the

Shanti Ananda Education Society

Geetha Nagar, Mudigubba 515511

Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank

Account No. 19073080607

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Project Manager Horst Wagner celebrated his birthday with this cake.





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