Shanti Ananda Newsletter 1/2017

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A very happy and fortunate year 2017!

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In the first two weeks of the year, a large mosaic (approx. 55 square meters) was laid on the forecourt of the administrative building - predominantly made from waste tiles. In colour, it corresponds to the school uniforms (green, pink and white); artistically it links veranda mosaic (construction office) and fountain mosaic in the centre of the administrative building. The design is based on the number 6 (Flower of Life). The pupils of the 6th and 7th class enthusiastically were busy with smashing and sorting tiles and laying the mosaic. Now the mosaic is finished; it shines - depending on solar radiation - like a diamond...
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Students laying the mosaic

For sport-minded employees some bicycles have been purchased. The roadsters belong to the Shanti Ananda Education Society and are made available to the users; maintenance and repairs must be carried out by the bicycle users. Once monthly a cycle workshop will be arranged in the afternoon ... Society President M. Saraswathi, Headmaster Raja Sekhar, Coordinator Chandra Mohan, "Green" Coordinator Narigappa and Teacher Prabhavathi now happily "swing the pedals".

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Bicycle training on the bicycle place

The Nature Day on 20.12.2016 was on the subject of "Mulching". Because of the considerable lack of water here, it is important to mulch all the trees on the grounds for prevention of drying out. This gigantic task is to be accomplished only with the help of the children. So on this day the students brought along collected mulch material in Mudigubba. The trees were "fed" with compost produced by us in three compost pits and protected against dehydration with mulch material (coconut waste, peanut shells, dry grass, pebbles and more). Besides, many trees were bordered with round stones. The children had great pleasure in this activity, which is to be repeated in January. All trees must be supplied before the year-round high heat begins (from February onwards the temperatures rise till they reach their zenith with 48 ° in April / May).

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Children unloading mulch material for a tree

From November 28th – December 3rd 2016 our project week "traffic education" took place. This issue is very important, as the traffic on the roads is constantly increasing. The right of the stronger still applies here: the one who has the loudest horn and/or the biggest vehicle is most likely to get through. It is difficult for vulnerable road users such as children and the elderly to assert themselves, and also very dangerous. Therefore, Headmaster Raja Sekhar raised this issue. The preparation of the project week was carried out for the first time in cooperation with the school area workers (we have - still - an administrative division of the project into school-related and school area-related activities, teachers belong to the school; gardener, tractor driver, Green coordinator and watering ladies belong to the school area. This is to change, since our construction work is completed except for the amphitheater). At this year's exhibition, other schools were able to present exhibits as well. The exhibition was attended by all schools in Mudigubba, with a total of more than 5,000 visitors.

The project week every time starts with the classification of age-mixed groups. Each group will be guided by a teacher as well as by one or two additional adults. Each group has a special task, but it is also flexible, as the students (after completing their respective topics) can join other groups. The week included preparation, a march through Mudigubba as well as an exhibition for the public. This year, for the first time, all nine class houses (which have been completed in October 2016) as well as the large administrative building were available as exhibition space; In addition, various activities took place on the grounds: on the bicycle course, transport lessons were given, and several installations were to be admired on the grounds.

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Rally through Mudigubba

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In addition to the administration building, an amphitheater is currently being built, financed by the German company Yogistar. The interior of the stage will have a diameter of 7 m; the total diameter will be 13 meters. We want to use the hall for yoga lessons and meetings. It will have several broad steps and will be roofed.

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Amphitheater under construction

On Children’s Day (November 14th)  we planted a number of holy trees on the grounds. Mr. Banwari Bhupal of Sai Sewa Canada honoured us by attending the function and distributing sweets to the students. The students were also given prizes for excelling in sports and games.

With cordial greetings,

Helga Shanti Fründt

+91 9989453528

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Students enjoying the mosaic bench under the Neem tree


Speech on "Children's Day" (Children's Day in India) on 14.11.2016

In this speech, I have tried to sum up the specials of our Nature Concept School:

"Every year we celebrate the children's day. Why? We should be aware of the sad fact that many children are still hungry on Planet Earth - their basic needs for food, a shelter and love are not satisfied. The children are our future - and as long as their needs are not fulfilled, there can be no good future for mankind.

Children should grow into this world by unfolding their God-given potential. Children are like seeds. A sunflower seed can only be a sunflower; a rose seed can only become a rose. If you try to get a rose from a sunflower seed, there can be no success. Children are eternal souls; they come to the planet to fulfil their soul plan. In order to be able to unfold their soul plan, they need appropriate conditions. The mission of the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School is a child-centred pedagogy that gives a great variety of impulses and inspiration to the students.

Vivekananda said, "The type of education which does not help the normal people to get ready for the normal struggle of life, which does not produce strength of character, not the spirit of love towards human beings and not the courage of a lion - is it worth of this name? Correct and meaningful education is what enables people to stand on their own feet. "

The great spiritual teacher Sri Satya Sai Baba created the concept of Educare: "For the entire creation God is the seed. Out of this seed, out of God, qualities have originated. The seed grows into a sapling. The various stages of the development of the plant, flowers, thorns, leaves, flowers and fruits are in the seed. "

The basis for our pedagogy is Human Values. Only human values ​​give us the right understanding of who we are in relation to God / Universe / Mother Earth. Mother Earth is one of our five mothers in India; and I think she is the most important. We can live without our physical or emotional mother, without our spiritual mother and without mother cow - but WE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT MOTHER EARTH. Mother Earth, by the way - would certainly have a better life without mankind...

Creativity is very important in our Nature Concept pedagogy. Why? Because we are all creators; every day / every minute / every second, we create our lives through our thoughts, words and actions. Creativity is the most important key to a good or a bad life. By using our ability to create in a CONSCIOUS WAY, we will realize our wishes and dreams and our visions.

Nevertheless a happy life is possible only in harmony with the planet. As long as mankind does not care for Mother Earth, mankind cannot experience inner peace. This is the deeper reason why we have founded our Nature Concept School. Shanti and Ananda (Peace and Happiness) can only be achieved by loving Mother Earth and caring for her. We want our students to understand this essential truth. Based on Human Values, supported by creativity, we want to assume responsibility for the planet, our mother. This is our mission. Let our children create a better future in a universe of peace! "

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