Shanti Ananda newsletter 1/2011

Poem on Nature Day in February

The sun rose from the horizon
To greet a lovely child
Through the day they will play
And have some fun along the way

Then came afternoon
The sun baked cookies
The child drank milk
They had a delightful snack

The sun has to depart,
For it's moon turn to rise
The sun bid farewell
The child cried to tears

The moon settled down
The child in her cradle
The moon sang and danced
And kissed her in her sleep

In the last time we were thinking over intensively the true meaning of a Creative Nature School… Should we arrange all the buildings and as well the plantations very quickly and afterpresent them to the teachers and the students – “wrapped into beautiful paper”? Or should the visions of a creative school in harmony with the planet be realized in participation of all the concerned persons? And if yes – how should this be done? On January 8th the board members of the Shanti Ananda Education Society and project manager Horst Wagner, coordinator Chandra Mohan, advisor Manjunath Reddy and I met for the discussion of this important question. It became very obvious that the participation desired by us cannot be achieved “free” or without “expenditures”. Flexibility, the necessity to convince, changes of the plans causing insecurity as well as long processes are related with this wish. The vision of a Creative Nature School implements primarily a loving and responsible relationship with our home planet including all the plants and animals, planning and realization by students, teachers and also parents and professional people in harmony and oneness. The speed of the development should be not too fast because it has to be integrated by all the participants. The more this new and innovative school is wanted and desired by everybody the more intensive and strong the identification with it will be later on. This vision is like a fire in the darkness and as distant from the normal education reality as the middle ages from the 21st century. K. Raja Reddy, educationist from Bangalore, describes the momentary situation in India like this: “I am still carrying a strong conviction that unless the existing mediocre system - be it Education or Healthcare or Governance in general - is thoroughly overhauled, there is no hope for this country… which seems to be slowly getting into anarchy.” Time and energy are needed to bridge this huge distance.

Meanwhile every day two other teachers are teaching on the new school area (the new multipurpose house is very suitable as a class room). Basic behaviour patterns like cleaning the area and the bath room as well as the care for the plants have to be trained… Plants planted and not being watered will dry off. Garbage thrown onto the ground is very disturbing especially on the new area. Practical every day responsibility is very necessary – learning for the life is precious…

Horst Wagner and Herbert Fründt with Merkhaba models

The building up of a creative nature school can only be the expression of an inner approach wanting a better and more loving relationship with mother earth in the last instance. On the nature day in December students and teachers meditated about Mother Earth and came to the result that she is a goddess. Her temple is the ground under our feet. We can honour her by cleaning the earth, by arranging plantations, by caring for the animals, by using natural materials instead chemical ones. The more deep and clear this knowledge becomes the more urgent it will be to create suitable outer conditions.

Medicine wheel ceremony on the new school area

On January 20th we had a medicine wheel ceremony on the new school area. The active connection with the directions of the sky and with sun and earth (as two more directions) is an important part of this ritual. All the beings supporting us were called and asked for help; like this we “pulled” positive and energizing energies onto the area. May be we are the „Heyokas“ of Mudigubba (Hopi word for human beings who bring the energies of love and harmony onto the planet)…

The students fetch water for the toilet in the lake

The students ought to learn from the very beginning to use the toilet and should no more go „outside“ as usual at the „old“ school – because of missing toilets. The toilet beside the multipurpose house receives water from the lake in the moment; the students take buckets for fetching it and learn practical responsibility and cooperation by doing this.

The first Republic Day on the new school area



Mother Earth at the presentation of the project week results

From January 31st up to February 5th our third project week took place. Half of the students were active on the new school area regularly. Elements of a science fair – practical exercises with bulbs – were included the very first time. The results of the project week were produced by the students only. Because project weeks are not usual and known in this area our teachers had to learn how to conduct a project week followed by the students. Now this type of learning became regular at our school as we can say proudly. At the presentation – in the presence of some press people – many beautiful and useful products made by our students could be admired like cushions of coconut fibres, plates of leaves, paper bags etc. As the highlight of the day a very touching drama was performed with the Earth Goddess in the centre. The human beings learnt - because of tough experiences - that the only way to survive is harmony with the nature.

February 11th was a very happy day for the school (the numbers 11-2-2-11 are already very remarkable). On the parents’ meeting 55 volunteers declared their willingness to give free service of at least one day on the new school area and wrote themselves into lists (mason work, painting work, preparing coffee etc.). Our mason, father of a student, stood up as the first in the presence of more than 100 parents and explained that he wanted to donate three days of free work. This motivation and the willingness to give something show how much the parents support us and our nature school in development.


Gardener Raju and I in front of the nicely greened multipurpose house

On February 10th and 11th some beautiful plantations were arranged by Raju around the multipurpose house. The plants had been shifted from the veranda of my flat in Puttaparthy – given up by me recently – to the school area in a distance of 40 km. I will be in Europe for some months because I need some regeneration, peace and silence. When I come back in the next academic year I will live in a new built guest house on the school area being able to take part in the progress of the project more intensively.

With cordial greetings from South India!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt





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