Shanti Ananda newsletter 2/2011


A ventriloquist gives speech to a puppet during an eye camp

On March 17th an Eye Camp took place in the school. Eight members of the Peace Welfare Society in Hyderabad came under the leadership of Doctor Suresh, the younger brother of our teacher Raja Sekhar. They had travelled 500 km from the capital of Andhra Pradesh to check the eyes of 120 students and the teachers. The team came by jeep and had excellent instruments for the comprehension of the eye sight, a small machine for polishing the glasses and a big number of glass frames. A ventriloquist – mainly a psychologist - gave speech to a big puppet about topics like punctuality, cleanliness and human values creating a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere during the examinations. Seven children received glasses; some were given vitamin A; others were referred to the Sathya Sai Hospital in Puttaparthy. All the present persons were very impressed by the high quality of this wonderful service action which became possible through the initiative of head mistress Sabitha in cooperation with Raja Sekhar.


Examination of the eye sight in the school

The following poem was composed by Sabitha for the Nature Day in February. On that very special day the students had the opportunity to recite and exercise this beautiful poem…

The Moon & the Sun

The sun rose from the horizon
to greet a lovely child.
Through the day they play
And have some fun along the way.

Then came the afternoon
The sun baked cookies
The child drank milk
They had a delightful snack

The sun has to depart
for the moon’s turn to rise,
The sun said farewell,
The child cried tears.

The moon settled down,
The child laid down in the cradle
The moon sang and danced
And kissed her in her sleep.


Nature Day on February 21st on the new school area


Kumar watering the plants at the Multipurpose House

Sabitha gave a report about the last Nature Day: “We conducted NATURE DAY on 21-3-11. We showed the PowerPoint pictures (Ode to Nature – included in the attachment) to the children. We asked: Do you have the right to kill or to destroy all living things? Who has given the right to kill or destroy? Children’s feelings- these pictures touched to our hearts. Many useful plants and animals become victims of human greed. Without them man won’t be able to live happily… We never forget NATURE is essential to human beings.

English Coaching for the teachers with Mohan Babu (left)

At you find photos and films from Andreas Marloth about his visit in the school in October 2010 – very vivid and charming.

Thank you, Andreas, for your inspiration and engagement!

A Link of Interflex shows a report about Bittoo’s laptop donation – see as well newsletter 2/2010.

Firoz‘father donates two chairs for the school

Last not least you can read contemplation about variety written by a contemporary Red Indian medicine man. Variety is a principle in nature and a very important topic for a nature school. „The Human Beings are consisting of many varieties. Whatever is ingredient of the air, of the earth, of the herbs, of the stones - all this is part of our bodies as well. We have to learn again to be ourselves and to discover and to feel as well this variety within. Wakan Tanka, the big secret, is teaching animals and plants what to do. In the nature everything is different; nothing is exactly the same like another one. The birds are very different from each others! Some build nests, some others do. Some animals live in holes in the earth, some live in caves, others live in bushes. Others do not need houses at all for their protection. Even animals of the same type – two deers, two owls – act in a different way. I observed many plants very carefully. The leaves on the trunk of a plant – all growing on the same trunk – are different. No leaf is completely the same like the other ones. On the whole earth you cannot even find two leaves completely same… The Big Spirit wanted this. For all the beings on the whole earth the path of life is designed in general only; the direction and the aim are clear, but the Big Spirit lets the human beings find their own way. He wants them act in a self-reliant way according to their inner essence and to their inner strength.”

Lame Deer, 1890 - 1974, Medicine Man of the Dakotas (Sub tribe of the Sioux Red Indian people)

The Power Point Presentation “Ode to Nature” is shown

With cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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