Shanti Ananda newsletter 9/2010

Dreamlike atmosphere at the entrance of the new school area

The entrance of the new school area – very advanced now – looks as beautiful as a fairy tale illustration – a source of inspiration for all the people passing by or going inside. Within the last weeks building works were realized at a small multipurpose house and at a storage hall for clay bricks. The production of bricks is very meaningful – economically and ecologically regarded and as well for creating jobs in the poor and unemployed Mudigubba area. All the further buildings on the school area are planned to be built with self made clay bricks only. The hall has to be big enough for a sufficient amount of clay bricks to be prepared permanently; 5000 big clay bricks can be stored - four weeks drying in the shadow guarantees the high strength and resistance. Our Shanti Ananda Education Society will give the knowledge to the people of Mudigubba for enabling them to build in an ecological and low cost mood as well. The selling of bricks is planned to be a permanent income source for our school project. By preparing 5000 bricks monthly and selling them for 15 – 17 Rupees each we might achieve an income of approximately 40.000 Rupees per month covering the fixed costs of the school. Confidently we are thinking this self help project will be realized very soon.

Female construction worker in front of the storage hall fundament

Main Gate (back ground) and storage hall fundament in front of the multipurpose house under construction

Many heavy rainfalls – very unusual in this area known as a drought area - made the progress very difficult for the building team in the month of November; but the progress nevertheless can be recognized very clearly.

Project manager Horst Wagner in front of the brick machine in the Sustainable Living Centre

The clay bricks exposed in the Sustainable Living Centre, Puttaparthy, ( have been put into the water for a period of five years – as a test for the material – and look as if recently coming out of the machine. This very high resistance can be explained by the fact that the brick machine puts high pressure onto the material; furthermore 5 % white cement approximately is included. Six or seven workers can produce more than 1000 bricks daily with the help of this machine which will be given to us for a small fee. The clay first has to be analyzed for achieving the best possible mixture of materials to be given into the brick machine. Project manager Horst Wagner will receive the needed know how in January 2011 in Auroville, Tamil Nadu (

Now let’s come to the activities in the school: On the last Nature Day the students and the teachers made an excursion to a Shiva temple located on a hill behind the new school area. The way was very beautiful passing by the full water tank before climbing up the hill (Shiva temples mostly are located on top of hills or mountains because Shiva’s place is in the Himalayas). At the designated place a pooja was celebrated; and afterwards a picnic took place in the enchantingly charming landscape – very green in the moment because of the redundant rain falls.

The children enjoy the picnic with a beautiful view into the greenery

Way back passing by the water tank – very full the first time since 7 years!

The Nature Day – meant mainly for the elder students of the classes 5 and 6 - takes place always when our doctor comes (for more than two years one time monthly) to examine the students. In the morning some „nature activities“ are performed for creating a good connection with the new school area and with Mother Nature; and in the afternoon all the students are examined and receive some medicine if needed. This program is working very nicely.

The doctor Mussal Reddy examining the students

Linda Whitaker – active at our school as a teacher trainer since 2008 – was the leader of our first Games‘Day on December 8th.

Meditation circle before starting with the Games‘Day

The main aim of the day was to introduce some new indoor games. Linda first asked the teachers to think over for which age group the games might be used and which skills could be trained with the games.

M. Saraswathi, Head mistress Sabitha and Linda

In the morning the teachers were busy with the games intensively; in the afternoon the elder students of the classes 5 and 6 were integrated as well.

Raja Sekhar and students experiencing the domino game

Definitely all the involved persons should think over or try how to use these games – and not only „obey“ the user’s manual. In this way very creative new ideas were generated; for example M. Saraswathi had the inspiration to teach fracture calculation with the domino game; Jayalakshmi will use the game in mathematics for ratio calculation as well. All the members had a lot of fun and joy practising the Games’ Day and said that it was a big success. Head mistress Sabitha reported very enthusiastically – representing all the teachers – that they had learnt a lot during this very special day.

The mechanic game is well liked by everybody

The press photo of the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was published in the Deccan Chronicle, a supra regional newspaper, of December 13th. The newspaper reports that Germany and India want to cooperate concerning the education more than before.

Angela Merkel and Manmohan Singh

The new Chief Minister of the State Andhra Pradesh, Kiran, said that the education failed and that it is necessary to start once again from the very beginning. He announced that his main work will be to improve the education for enabling the country to be successful; he stressed new inspirations to be needed desperately. His vision and the planned cooperation of Germany and India concerning education to be strengthened might let us hope for more quality and creativity definitely. Model schools - like the Shanti Ananda School – are very trendy because a value oriented and nature friendly education for head, heart and hands is an inspiration for the complete education sector; model schools can realize this new strategy actively and are very meaningful for putting forth innovative creative accents. However, India and Andhra Pradesh and as well most of the 25 other states have to shoulder a lot of work if they really want to improve the miserable situation of the momentary education in a sustainable way.

I wish you a Happy Christmas and a good start into the Year 2011!

With cordial greetings from South India!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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