Shanti Ananda Newsletter 1/2015

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Students are mulching their plants

The Nature Day in January was about ‘saving water’ – a most important topic as the Anantapur District is suffering under the most serious drought since some years. Of course this lack of rain falls seems to be manmade (massive reduction of trees and at the same time increasing of the population), but nevertheless it is necessary and compulsory to find practical solutions.

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On our school area we practise mulching extensively as by this technique we do save a lot of water. The students are taught how to mulch teaching their families and others again. A variety of materials is useful for mulching, for example coconut peals, straw, dry leaves and many others – most importantly the soil around the plant should be covered to avoid drying. Besides the advantage of saving water mulching is beneficial as the organic material is becoming compost after some time – giving valuable nutrients to the plant.

The Bicycle training place has been completed – arranged with four loops and a central stand for 16 cycles. Our students will have the golden opportunity to learn or train cycling and to practise traffic rules. The next project week will be busy with this important topic. The traffic on India’s roads is most chaotic, and a careful and cautious behaviour is very important especially for children.

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Bicycle loops

A Pooja was celebrated in the medicine wheel (now located in the bicycle training place) in favour of the land transfer. Our school land is still a property of the PRDS and should be transferred to our Shanti Ananda Education Society; but there is a major problem: the fee at the Register Office is 27 Lakhs (2,700,000 Rupees) as our land is ‘commercial’ – although we are a social project depending on funds only. We contacted some VIP’s and a lawyer in this case already.

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Pooja in the medicine wheel

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Headmaster Raja Sekhar with Moringaladdhus at the parents ‘meeting

Since some weeks Moringa laddhus (sweets) will be distributed to the students regularly. On the school area near to the Guest house a Moringa garden was started in 2014 for experiencing the growing up of Moringa, the ‚tree of life‘. Teachers and students prepare these sweets in a holy ceremony (ingredients: dried Moringa leave powder, groundnut and green gram powder, jaggery, pea powder, ghee, cardamom, aniseeds and vanilla). Twice weekly the laddhus are given to students and teachers; in the next academic year we want to distribute more frequently...

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Herbert Fruendt distributes Moringa Laddhus to the students

The regular consumption of Moringa powder – containing all the vitamins and minerals needed for the human body in a very excellent composition - is very beneficial especially for malnourished children; the students ‘health status should be improved by empowering their immune system. Our students are from poor families only eating a lot of white rice regularly – for breakfast; lunch and dinner. Most of them are not at all familiar with “healthy food” easily becoming sick… We try to give useful pieces of information about a healthy diet of course, but for many poor families it is not possible to realize this because of monetary strain. Wrong habits of eating are very strong additionally…

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Moringa experimental garden

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Soil sample poster

The Nature Day in February covered the topic ‚types of soil‘ as a very fascinating one. The students were busy with scientific (for example soil samples)and creative activities.

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Art installation with soil in the Green Classroom

On February 9th a Cultural Event was arranged – the very first time in the most attractive, very recently completed entrance area of the administration building. Before a parents’ meeting took place; Headmaster Raja Sekhar explained the effect of Moringa powder to the human body. Later on laddhus were distributed to parents and students. Without cooperation of the parents we cannot realize our pedagogy – twice yearly a parents’ meeting is arranged about different educational topics.

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Drama about sickness and healing

The program was colourful and interesting: besides dances and dramas a Karate performance, acrobatics and two very funny and touching sketches of the school area employees about the problem topic ‚alcohol‘ could be admired by the visitors.

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Acrobatics on stage – have a look to the German and the Indian flag!

On February 15th eight of our students won again gold and silver medals on a Karate competition; the prizes were handed over to them in the entrance area of the administration building.Mudigubba Mandal Educational Officer Lakshminarayana came as a guest to handover medals to our school children. Our parents and teachers are very proud of our capable and powerful students whose self esteem is improved by this wonderful success. Especially for girls it is very useful not to become a victim in violent situations, but to be able to save themselves by Karate…

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Karate prizes are handed over

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt



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