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Diwali Light Mandala

This charming mandala creation with colourful flowers and many candles was created by the 3rd class on Nature Day in October (Motto: “Avoid Crackers”). Headmaster Raja Sekhar wanted to motivate the students towards a new approach for celebrating the Diwali festival. It is very famous all over India; but within the last years it became very common to burn lots of crackers on this occasion. A lot of money every year will be spent only for the reason to produce big sound and to set little children and animals into panic. Headmaster Raja Sekhar reports: „The children had many alternative ideas like picnicking, playing games with the families, celebrating a pooja, watching spiritual movies or cleaning the surrounding. Some students proposed to save the money spent for crackers and to donate it to needy persons. The children want to celebrate another Diwali festival; this festival originally is about helping others and the planet. ‘The earth has enough problems already’ was the main message of this Nature Day. The Diwali Festival is a festival of light in order to celebrate the victory of knowledge against ignorance and of good against evil.” I was very touched by this report.

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Diwali consciousness widening action of the 7th class

On October 28th my brother and main donor Herbert Fruendt, healer Josef, his wife Tara and I visited the school. We were welcomed by a colourful abundance of flowers and enjoyed this welcome ceremony. Josef and Tara were very impressed by the loving atmosphere and the creative architecture on the area.

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Welcome ceremony on the school area

Herbert Fruendt was fond to meet again teachers, students and staff. I was again present for the very first time after some months break (because of disease); it was stunning for me to see a number of students have grown some inches (!) within this period. A walk across the area showed the new achievements to us including the new class rooms for the two kinder garden classes. I like very much the toys in the LKG class room stitched by teacher Munemma. In this academic year the parents of the LKG students could buy a handmade toy for their children the very first time; like this the start of their school career should become easier and more child adequate.

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Eight new laptops in the computer lab

Eight new laptops for the computer classes were recently purchased thanks to the generous donation of one of our donors.

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Students testing the new laptops

We are very thankful for this donation because our old laptops needed a lot of attention and maintenance meanwhile (as used ones they had been donated to us in 2009 already); some could not be used any more. Computer teacher Vijaya Lakshmi is very happy as she can concentrate onto teaching now without being bothered by technical problems all the time. The students are testing the new models – in groups of two or three members. The laptops look very nice in the computer lab in the administration building.

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Computer lab with new laptops


The auspicious action “Keep clean – make green” (announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi) was realized by most schools all over India on October 13th and is to be repeated regularly every month. Up to now the garbage in India is mostly rejected and denied, nobody wants to give attention to it...

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Shanti Ananda students inform about the usage of dust bins

Modi’s call was a sensitizer for the shattering topic. The fact that the schools are doing the first step to approach this problem might create a new consciousness for the involved students. For the Shanti Ananda students this action was the continuation of the cleaning action in the SC colony two years ago arranged in the project week – this place has become much cleaner and neater since then… Our students are familiar with this topic now and are able to give valuable hints how to deal with the garbage to everybody…

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Cleaning action in the SC Colony


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Seeds for forest trees in students‘ hands

In September a very remarkable action was arranged: a small hill in the neighbourhood of the school was to be reforested. Teacher M.Saraswathi and the students had collected many seeds of different forest trees in the last academic year; and some children had collected custard apple seeds as well. These trees will grow in spite of erratic and scarce rain falls and don’t need to be watered. After they are planted they should survive also with less water; that makes them ideal for reforestation.


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Reforestation project on the neighbour hill


A number of 11000 seeds were put into the soil on this small hill; M. Saraswathi and Prabhavathi teachers conducted this project with the 6th and 7th class. On the first day the 7th class of M. Saraswathi spread 9000 seeds; some days later again 2000 seeds were put into the soil by both classes. In a third action small trees – pre grown in pots on the school area - were planted. Headmaster Raja Sekhar explained that these trees would enable a happy life for many birds some time later; as well some people would be able to earn their livelihood by harvesting and selling custard apples. Unfortunately the three actions were not successful because of sudden rain falls; many seeds and small plants were flushed down into the valley by soil erosion. Now there is a new plan to adopt the hill with the permission of the Mandal Revenue Officer and to plant again basing on a special plan.

In September two more compost pits were dug on the school area; in June the first compost pit had been arranged on the Nature Day. The manure of this first one was used for nourishing some plants on the area. All the three compost pits were named: „Earth Worm”, “Nature” and “Mother Earth” Compost Pit. For every pit three classes are responsible: younger and older students in cooperation. The compost pit leaders explained the function and handling of the compost pits.

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Compost pit

New school uniforms were distributed to the new students on November 5th. As usual the Shanti Ananda Education Society arranged this activity. Every two years every student receives two sets uniforms – consisting of two blouses and two skirts for the girls or two shirts and two pants for the boys. Horst Wagner held a very interesting speech; and Herbert Fruendt and Herbert Mueller were happy to come into close contact with our smallest students.

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Distribution of school uniforms in the entrance area of the school

Since October we distribute Laddus – an Indian sweet - with Moringa powder from our Moringa garden to our students after the weekly pooja. Headmaster Raja Sekhar explains: “I would like to give report about Moringa Laddus. First we explained the benefits of Moringa powder to the students. Last Friday we gave Laddus to the children. 70% children accepted to eat them, 30% have to be convinced... That is why we want to change the mixing of varieties with Moringa powder:

  • Green gram + Jaggery + Anise seeds (watts) + Moringa Powder
  • Ragi powder + Honey + Anise seeds + Moringa Powder
  • Sweet lemon juice or Mango juice + Moringa Powder
  • Ragi malt with Moringa Powder


Anise seeds are used for good smell and health. With these we want to prepare Laddus.” I am very curious how this interesting experiment will run…


With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt



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Class room model, arranged by students

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