The second project week from 12th to 16th October 2009 concentrated onto the realization of our designated Nature Concept School.
A group of boys presenting their house model made of sand and stones
Every day concentrated onto a special topic linked with nature school: On the first day two groups of the higher class students visited the two Timbaktu Nature Schools as inspiring examples for students and teachers. The small children - not joining in this trip - went for an excursion in Mudigubba at the same time. On the second day fascinating house models of different cultures were created by all students; by doing this the children got an idea of different types of architecture. Another group looked through our library books and arranged a presentation in the temple room visited by all the students class wise. In the afternoon a compost pit was built on the premises of the school to practise natural recycling. The following day concentrated onto the topic "Sun". Poems and songs about the sun were invented by the teachers and sung by the students, furthermore science experiences with and by the sun were done. On the exhibition day all the results were presented to the parents, press reporters and some guests: library books, herbs and plants, a very beautiful temple of wooden blocks, clay toys, different houses (prepared of clay, stone, cotton, bamboo, sand, ice sticks and cigarette packets), a solar system arranged with balls. Children performed dramas and rhymes about the Sun in front of the parents. The local press was very interested and impressed; a big article in the district newspaper EENADU gave a report about the school, our specials and our vision of a Nature School.