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Newsletter 1/2019


...I wish you a happy, peaceful, healthy and successful year 2019!


Stage decoration Cultural event on December 31st 2018


Info school project:

A multi-faceted video by Semyon Smirnov with fascinating impressions of the mini-project week in September 2018 is new on YouTube. THANK YOU, SEMYON!


Cultural event:

At the annual school cultural event on 31.12.2018, the students presented dance, theater, yoga, karate and, for the first time, artistry - with Edmund Elstak -  to about 300 guests. The high-quality three-hour program with over 30 performances delighted young and old alike. A video with impressions is in preparation.

Remix Song (Teacher Gayathri)

Aaku Chatu Song (teacher Prabhavathi)


Artistics with Edmund Elstak



An exhibition of pictures in the entrance area of the administration building completed the event. The proceeds of the sale benefit the school project. The pictures can also be sent to you according to your order.


Vision 2019:

Consolidation and stabilization of funds is necessary. Our financial situation has improved slightly; but we are still in the bottom. People 'subscribing' to the project and fundraisers are urgently needed! Above all, regular monthly donations are important. Together we will succeed!


Project specials

  • Human values (Prema, Shanti, Dharma, Satya and Ahimsa - love, peace, righteousness, wisdom and non-violence) in focus
  • Holistic development of the children (education for head, heart and hand with child-friendly teaching methods)
  • Creativity and movement as important as main subjects
  • Loving and dedicated teachers
  • Large area suitable for many activities
  • Reforestation and art on the grounds

Teacher B. Prabhavathi with children in the mini project week, November 2018


Teacher Prabhavathi:

  1. Prabhavathi is a very skilled and highly qualified English and yoga teacher who applied for a government job after seven years with us. After a selection interview with 15 competitors she would have gotten the job without having to pay - in this country usual - a bribe of 150,000 Rupees (about 2000 Euro) ... SHE DECIDED TO STAY HERE - even though she would have earned as much as her husband - our headmaster - and herself together !!! Why? She feels comfortable in our cooperative team, works in an atmosphere of harmony and peace and loves children. This decision expresses that human climate and team spirit can be more important than the good money ...


(Teachers in public schools earn at least twice as much as our teachers, yet these schools have a bad reputation, as they are barely controlled by the superior authority and teachers often do their jobs negligently).


Art projects:

In the recent months, two mosaic snakes and a mosaic bench have been completed. The mosaic bench is located in the Ayurvedic garden next to  the administration building; up to seven people can sit there. The mosaic snakes - in the northern part of the area - are used for area modeling, as bicycle stands and benches.

 Headmaster Raja Sekhar, Coordinator Narigappa, Watering ladies Lakshmi Devi, Mirina and Suguna

Pedagogical projects:

In this school year, three mini-project weeks were added to the annual project week; they are carried out every two months and replace the monthly project day (Nature Day). There are nine mixed-age groups; each has own themes. The results of the two days of project work in November were surprising, inspiring and thrilling. Since the children love project work very much, they are highly motivated ...

Exhibits of the project group „clay sculptures“ in November


Teacher M. Saraswathi's project group "clay sculptures" successfully integrated different student interests; the motorcycle picture in the middle has nothing to do with the topic. The little artist - who wants to become a motorcyclist - was allowed to exhibit his work in a central location. Our students can also be creative outside of the 'predetermined track'.



An Eye Camp was conducted in November by the Peace Welfare Society, Hyderabad. Raja Sekhar‘s (our headmaster) brother is active in this society, which facilitates cooperation with the Shanti Ananda Education Society. Children and adults received an eye exam, medication and advice.

Eye examination of the Peace Welfare Society


With cordial greetings,

Helga Shanti Fründt


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