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Newsletter 4/2018




Akshaya as Bharat Mata (Mother / Goddess of India)

on Independence Day


As in every year and at every school in India, the Independence Day on 15.8. has been committed with a celebration. The flag was hoisted, some of the present members gave speeches, and greetings were spoken. All members went for a rally in Mudigubba. Afterwards, the children received prizes, which they had earned in advance in games and competitions. All the participants were given sweets and spicy mixtures. This day is a very important National day in India.

School meeting on Independence Day


We now have a professional online payment portal on our website: Thus, donations have become very easy to handle; There are several options for transactions worldwide (bank transfer, card payment, check, etc.). A major advantage is that immediately after the donation a confirmation by mail will be sent ... Please take a look! We hope that our donations will increase drastically!


 Our first mini project week took place from July 19th – 21st instead of our monthly project day. The Nature Day (, will be replaced by bimonthly mini-project weeks starting this school year, as they give more freedom to the children to do what they are interested in. Project Weeks have been held regularly since 2009 ( Nine mixed-age groups have been formed to deal with topics of their choice. The group composition is retained throughout the school year; the groups will meet in the mini project and project week. The children are very satisfied with this solution, as well as the teachers ...





Our teacher Giribabu has created a video about the mini project week with overwhelming creativity - but in some areas without sound): We will introduce diploma for extraordinary achievements of children and groups soon. This will give some satisfaction to children and parents as well.


Group ‚water pollution‘, preparing the exhibition (teacher Giribabu)


Since some months we have a new guest teacher: Edmund from the Netherlands; he offers games, physical exercises and artistry (also circus programs) and singing with children. He has a lot of experience in this field and the kids are thrilled to work with him.


Edmund with children group


Our Russian guest teacher Irina performs anthroposophic drawing of forms for groups of weak students. It should strengthen willpower and concentration; the kids like to take it ...



Birthday party for Irina


We abolished the "examinations" for the 1st and 2nd grade and introduced "evaluation" instead. Here in India, exams (centrally controlled and mostly with multiple choice questions) demand a lot of time; a child of the 7th grade spent three or four months of his life (!) in this way. Parents often put their children under pressure with the requirement to achieve as many 'marks' as possible (here there are no grades, but points - the 'marks'); content is often less. However, there are efforts to change this very quantitative system currently; Government plans to abolish examinations (up to 4th grade) at the government schools.


But how do you rate strengths and weaknesses in children, and how do you find them out at all? There is the option of evaluation (in this word, 'value'  is included, so the meaning is to find out the values of actions and results) and so we have been busy with this issue in two teacher meetings. The teachers have created a brain web with different methods of evaluation. It should help to test new methods of evaluation. In the long term, however, the question remains, how useful is evaluation in the school at all ... Finland, as a leading country in pedagogy, does not rate at all up to the 8th grade. I think a qualitative rating makes perfect sense, a quantitative one in many cases rather not. But we do have to think about the meaning of evaluation...



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View over the school grounds

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