Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School English Newsletter 2/2018

Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School

English Newsletter 2/2018



The last few weeks were marked by a colorful variety of events, as usual in the expiring school year. There was the annual project week, followed by the Saraswathi Pooja (traditional celebration at the end of the Academic Year) and the cultural event on April 7th. On April 14th a parents' meeting took place (on the subject of school fees); and last but not least, the 7th class will celebrate their leave on April 19th – all these events with temperatures reaching 40 degrees.

 7th grade with school staff


On April 23rd I will fly to Germany. I will give a lecture as part of the Cologne German-Indian Week (1st to 10th June): on the 4th of June at 5.30 pm at the Karl-Rahner-Akademie (next to the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum), made possible by Mrs. Ruth Heap, the 2nd chairwoman of the German-Indian Society e. V. ( I am very pleased to be able to present our school project to the German public for the first time. On June 1st the opening evening will take place in the previously mentioned museum ( and Maybe I can welcome the one or the other of you on this occasion…


Mandala in the Flower Exhibition (Teacher Anasuya)


From 12th to 17th of March, the 10th project week took place on the subject of "nature". While all the groups had the same theme in the previous project weeks (last year it was traffic education), this time there were 10 sub-themes: flowers, insects, birds, animals, humans, water, hills, forests, vegetables and organic farming. The 10 groups, consisting of students of all ages, each dealt with a different sub-topic. The group leadership was done in cooperation by a teacher and a student. The results far exceeded those of the last - also very interesting - project weeks. One almost had the impression that 10 project weeks were presented on the day of the exhibition... This impression clearly illustrates that students and teachers were highly motivated and committed.


The 7 hills of Thirumala (teacher A. Saraswathi)

Some groups presented their exhibits in the class houses, while others spread out on the school grounds. The results were not only colorful, varied and appealing, but also very impressive quantitatively. All children love project work and are enthusiastic about it. Therefore, from the next school year onwards, the monthly project day, introduced in 2010, will be replaced by a bimonthly "small project week" (3 days). Work will be done group wise only, not class wise; and each group will include children of all ages. In addition, the children will be able to choose their own topics. We regard this change as very elementary in order to further promote the students' self-expression and self-esteem.


Organic Vegetable Farming (Teacher Riyaz)

Water in many aspects (Teacher Saroja)


Forest: 'real existing' and deforested in favor of settlements - with a call for reforestation (teacher M. Saraswathi)

The Saraswathi Pooja on March 30th was another special event. The Pooja was lovingly prepared by all together. At the subsequent meal for all, the students are being served by the teachers - a highlight for all involved members, where atmosphere and mood are very high...


 Teachers serving food

The cultural event on April 7th was another highlight with an exclusive program; totally 26 different demonstrations were shown. The bandwidth was wide, both in terms of presentations and addressed emotions. The entire emotional ‘keyboard’ was triggered: there were sad and funny, thought-provoking, participative and other performances. On Facebook you can watch videos.


7th grade boys: 'Best mime' (Cell phone drama, teacher M. Saraswathi)


 Parents in the brick fabrication hall observing the cultural function

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