Shanti Ananda newsletter 6/2012

On September 3rd a very extraordinary and nature concept school like workshop took place in the guest house: the preparation of plant colours with flowers.

Group designing a flower mandala

Sketching of a flower as workshop introduction

Andrea Partheymueller-Gerber and Angelika Gigauri, teachers and artists from Germany, came to Mudigubba the 3rd time to share their precious knowledge and experiences with us. Teachers and the 7th class students participated in the workshop. At the beginning the participants designed a mandala of roses and marigold – material for the plant colours going to be prepared.

Rose petals boiling in water

Sieving off the petals from the dyeing extract

The preparation process of plant colours starts with the boiling of petals in water; alum will be added. After boiling both substances together the petals will be sieved off. Potash will be added, the foaming fluid developing will be filled into a jug. Cristals are deriving and will become visible after the filtering process on the paper filters. After drying they have to be pulverized in the role together with a special wax and water. The plant colour generated like this seems very vivid (completely different from the industrially manufactured colours containing petroleum mostly) and has a strongly expressive vibration; but it is not lightproof. Plant colour researchers say that light-fastness can be reached by drying the colours under a bulb – don’t take energy saving bulbs!

The painted results are very charming

Teachers and students as well were fascinated by this colour alchemy taking place in our guest house “laboratory” (this word consists of the Latin words ”labora” – work – and “ora” – prayer). It is not possible to predict exactly the colours coming out. Amount and type of ingredients, motivation, atmosphere and vibration as well as unknown circumstances influence the process. The results painted with the plant colours convinced everybody. The flower sketches – drawn at the beginning without looking onto the papers only concentrating on the flowers – were coloured with the self prepared colours and have a unique radiant vibration. The workshop teachers Angelika und Andrea furthermore brought many artistic photos about the process of preparing plant colours; the teachers were very enchanted and fond of them and are planning to arrange an own research project with plant colours prepared with local flowers and plants.

The radiance of the plant colours is overwhelming

On theNature Day in August the topic “horse” was in the focus. Our horse “Raju” of course was fond of this because he received a lot of compliance…

Nature Day with horse “Raju”

After Raju had been acknowledged sufficiently the children sang songs and showed small dramas and stories. An exhibition of colourful horse pictures – painted by the students of all classes – was presented on the ground near to the water tank. It was an inspiring and joyful day presenting the topic with many facets and making clear to ourselves new aspects. Who knows for example that – according to an ancient myth – the sun was pulled by seven horses on the daily way along the sky?

Exhibition of horse pictures on the ground

The sun is pulled by seven horses…

On August 29th Romula d‘Silva, vice president of thewell known Karuna Society (, came to the school. She is engaging herself for the protection and human treatment of animals, for a clean environment and organic agriculture since many years. A special program ( the education of children towards compassionate citizens. Romula gave a lot or valuable inputs to the students of the 4th up to the 7th classes about a conscious relationshipand handling of natural ressources, for example water. She illustrated a number of practical exmples and explained the difference of vegetarian and vegan. At the end a quiz was practiced by the students. All the students were very interested and fond of Romula’s enthusiasm and her dedication – totally alert till the end at nearly 6 pm in the evening.

Romula in the guesthouse presenting her vision

First Games‘ and Sports‘ Day at the school

On September 4th our first Sports‘ and Games‘ Day was conducted for the teachers only to introduce the new sportarticles like spear, shot, rope etc. The students encouraged the teachers, applauding and enjoying to observe the adults sporting in front of the school. The children’s mood and enthusiasm increased even during this event. Shot-put, throwing the spear, tug-of-war, skipping, running race, a „Musical Chair“ and as completion a drawing competition were exercised by the two gent teachers and the eight lady teachers dressed into a saree (!). The students had the nice opportunity to serve the teachers by helping und supporting them in various situations.

Running race in the sand

We are conducting games at the school since many years already. But sports - as a relatively new discipline at our school - is unfortunately not yet conducted at most of the schools in the Anantapur District. This games‘ day intended to motivate the students for exercising sports successfully...

On the new area a high jump and long jump facility is already present loved by the students and used very often. A sports‘ ground will be arranged soon for four types of ball games at the western area of the area. A nature play ground – not only for the kinder garden children - is arranged by cleaning the beautiful big stone formations at the northern part of the area and filling them with soil to avoid dangerous arrangements.

Sprinting of the gents

In August an exhibition of more than 1000 library books was arranged. All the classrooms in the school were used as exhibition space; the books were presented on the floor – arranged according to different topics.Like this it was possible for the students to pay attention to them in peace and silence and to read as well. Weekly once a library afternoon is arranged for the students, but according to the narrow space in the old school it is not possible to observe all the books together. Mostly they are hidden in iron cupboards...

Reading during the exhibition

This situation will change only when the special rooms in the administration building can be used – after the completion of our classrooms.

Joy of reading in the temple room

On September 5th the Teacher’s Day was celebrated. Our very special guest, Ranga Reddy, retired headmaster of the government school in Mudigubba, spoke about a non violent and loving pedagogy. He was honoured by the teachers with a flower chain. All the students received fruits on this day.

Honouring of the Guru on Teacher’s Day

Furthermore all the teachers received small presents by the students.Everybody was happy.

Kinder garden teacher Anasuya receives presents by the children

With very cordial greetings,

Helga Shanti Fründt

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