Shanti Ananda newsletter 6/2011


Head mistress Sabitha handing over money donated for plantation to project manager Horst

As already reported in the last newsletter we collected money in Mudigubba for a basic plantation on the new area. In a hot country like India – and even more in our drought area Anantapur District – it is most important to arrange an elementary plantation - at least some trees - at the very beginning. This has priority not only because of creating some shadow for students, teachers and others. We want to build up the school with parents, students and teachers participating as much as possible; and we should give the opportunity to them to become active with practical work as well. The students should become familiar with plants by caring for them and looking after them. An emotional connection with the new area is caused primarily by living organisms – meaning plants and animals. Besides: we have a watch dog named “Shiva” – he came to us on his own. In this area it is not common to have personal dogs; because of this there are lots of stray dogs…

Our request to donate for the plantation on the area was heard and rewarded. I want to say cordially “Thank you” for these special donations – in Germany we received donations of 230 Euro and in India more than 15000 Rupees (roundabout 240 Euro). Coordinator Chandra Mohan collected money from friends, workers on the school area and other persons – together 3600 Rupees; the students’ parents donated 5290 Rupees, and our musician Klaus (Premananda) gave 6300 Rupees. Meanwhile 30 small trees and bushes have been planted (ten coconut trees, five almond trees and five mango trees, furthermore two bigger and two medium sized trees in front of the multipurpose building as well as two trees behind. Additionally we prepared a nursery enlarging continuously – in the moment 200 trees are growing up there. Furthermore we received a lot of plants and seeds as donations from students, parents and teachers; as well we bought some small plants. Some private persons from Puttaparthy donated special plants. Gardener Raju taught the students how to energize plants with a Mantram. The children had brought a small weak mango tree; meanwhile it is growing up in a powerful way – thanks to the Mantram. The pillars of the brick fabrication hall were planted with blue blossoming fast growing bushes admired by all the people coming to the new area. One bush was attacked by vermin; a mixture of Neem tree oil, soap powder and water was sprayed all over; this medicine is used traditionally in ecological agriculture. A yellow blossoming weak bush around a pillar apparently seeming not to grow received a song from 40 students and teachers when Premananda was here; after five days only (!) a new strong branch was visible… Our inspiring example is the worldwide well known Findhorn in northern Scotland with big marvellous vegetables and flowers although the soil consists of sand only…

Trees and bushes – and the small pond for watering in front of the project manager office – attract animals which can be observed by the students. Our pedagogical concept wants the students participating consciously with activities like watering, removing weeds, collection of garbage, sweeping etc. Every afternoon two classes with their teachers come to the new area; the students love to go to the land and look forward to this event already some days before…


Fifth class and Lower Kinder garden students observing frogs


Students pulling out weeds, in the background watch man house under construction


Kinder garden children experience the administration building under construction

The new area is used, enjoyed and experienced intensively by the students every afternoon with playing, performing creative activities (for example modelling with clay), collecting experiences with senses and nature and watering, removing weeds etc. Furthermore the „Nature Day“ - introduced in the last academic year for the purpose of strengthening and uplifting the emotional and energetic connection with the new area – takes place one time monthly. Besides the teachers the 5th, 6th and 7th classes are regularly present; for special events only the younger students come as well. In August we sang – still gathering in the brick fabrication hall – international and Indian spiritual songs guided by Klaus (Premananda) on his guitar. Consultant Linda conducted a small ceremony in the centre of the spiral to pray for help and guidance for our Nature School project; she brought Cocapalli with her – an iron figure made by the Hopi Red Indians in the USA. This figure – reminding us of the god „Krishna“ because of his flute – inspired us very much.


Klaus (Premananda) teaching songs for Mother Earth


Play way experiences with the new clay brick machine

The students‘parents are very actively „conquering“ the new area. They had offered practical help on two parents’ meetings; now they were asked to do so. They were asked class wise to approach the new area. Some parents helped digging holes for fixing iron rods needed for the „Green Class Room“. Others helped to clean the land around the Neem Tree – originally the one and only tree on the whole area.


Students‘parents cleaning the land around the Neem tree

The “Green Class Room” (a light iron construction) is desperately needed because the classes coming to the area don’t have a space on their own…


Five fathers fixing the iron rods including our mason Krsna (2. f. r.)

The brick fabrication hall – occupied by the students normally in the last months – is now used by our workers mostly; furthermore it will be needed for the clay brick fabrication. The multipurpose house is used as the construction or project manager office. Because of this situation we came to the idea to erect a simple nature class room behind the administration building; iron rods form a skeleton planned to be planted with fast growing blue blossoming climbing bushes. Round windows and a gap in the roof should guarantee the air circulation and allow a look around to the area. In two meters distance from the „Green Class room“ special bushes disliked by mosquitoes will be planted. A bank for relaxation is planned around the Neem tree.


Under construction: „Green Class room“ and administration building (back ground)

On August 12th we had a fascinating pedagogical experiment at the school: the six students from the 7th class taught the children of the Lower Kinder Garden – most of them five years old. The two boys and four girls had planned play way and teaching sequences before; now they had the golden chance to perform them with the kinder garden children. In spite of stage fear at the beginning they had a lot of fun on the one hand; and they were introduced into a new role as adults on the other hand. This academic year is their last year at our school because we – as an Upper Primary School – can guide the students only up to class 7. Head mistress Sabitha, LKG teacher Anasuya and I were present and gave some hints and advices to our young “teachers” sometimes. Afterwards in a meeting we shared our feelings and experiences; every student of the 7th class had the opportunity to talk about this experiment and received feedback from the adults.

The six students from the 7th class

Jyothy teaching rhymes with action

The 7th class students enjoyed their new role as teachers and announced that they would like to repeat this experiment some time later. The small children were very alert and enjoyed the changing of teaching “staff“ and methods – a successful pedagogical experiment.

Amulya as a locomotive leading the train of the children

Last not least I want to introduce the „Three bears“. We carry this school project energetically. We are highly motivated to give our very best for rocking this visionary project into the future. “Female” leadership (in consensus of the human beings involved), pedagogy basing on Human Values, a spiritual consciousness for Mother Earth and an ecological approach for building up the new school are some headlines only – this project is much more than a school project “only”.


The three „bears“: Linda, Horst and I (f. r. t. l.)

So we are happy about your support – however it might look like (moral support, service or donations). Everything is valuable for us; this project could never have been realized if not being supported by people like you. So I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our well wishers very cordially – mainly to our main donors Professor Weyer and Herbert Fründt from Germany! To all the human beings donating regularly or irregularly for the project and who are helping us by giving advices, by recommending us, sharing with us, encouraging, praying, singing or …

Thank you very much!!!

With cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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