Shanti Ananda newsletter 3/2009

The Mankind is sitting in one boat only. And those sitting in one boat should help each others. Self interest in the 21st century means to care for others… On our earth in moment more than 6 ½ billion people are living. Only 15 % are living in circumstances like us. More than 2 billion people have to manage their lives with 2 dollars daily, one billion even with one dollar only… We need politics for developing countries for the whole planet… Let us understand the fight against poverty and the change of climate as a strategic challenge for all of us… The industrialized countries are mainly responsible for the change of climate causing the people in the developing countries suffering most. The fight against poverty and the change of climate have to be taken together… I become encouraged by seeing that more and more people in Germany understand: If the whole mankind wants to live like us today we would need more than one earth even today. But we have one earth only. She is placed in our hands. More and more people take personal consequences and change their habits of living. They understood: everybody can participate in doing something. We want to decide together not to live any more at other people’s expense.”

(The German President Horst Köhler held this Speech in Berlin on March 24th 2009). In the following lines I want to present some people who understand the meaning of these words by putting them into practical help for our school project.

Monika A. Müller, President of the Anahata Society and of the Anahata Foundation ( in Munich, agreed in 2006 to transfer the donations for the Shanti Ananda School Project to India through the Anahata Society which is active for many years as a helping organization for social projects in India.

Monika A. Müller at the Cultural Presentation of the School on March 7th 2009

I lived with her in Munich and got known of many interesting and inspiring persons. Monika is always helpful with words and deeds. In her flat some of my mandala pictures are exhibited; in 2007 we had a living room exhibition which was very attractive for the visitors. In her painting studio where she offers expression painting according to Arno Stern I showed a PowerPoint presentation about the Shanti Ananda School; it gave some information about the development since 2006 and also about the specific conditions of the Anantapur district.

Iris Christa Lehmann visited the Shanti Ananda School in January 2009 and was very fond of the atmosphere and the spirits. Since that time regularly she collects – as an additional help to her monthly donations – one Euro from every participant of her Aura Soma Courses in Munich and donates this money as a donation to the school. This wonderful idea proves that it is not necessary to give big amounts alwayssmall amounts are very useful as well. Especially in India you can do a lot with less money only – as an example the painting of our school walls in our project week in February took 10000 Rupees only – approximately 140 Euros!

Iris Christa Lehmann in the Shanti Ananda School in front of still unpainted walls

Iris returns to her original profession as a teacher in the new school year 2009/2010 to a cooperation of four schools in Naumburg (between Leipzig und Jena in the German state Sachsen-Anhalt) after a 20 years’ break. In the school year 2010/2011 she will become head mistress of one of these schools. A cooperation of the Shanti Ananda School with this school - for example as a partnership - is regarded by us.

Martin Callies, lawyer and mediator in Nienburg at the Weser river (in the German state Niedersachsen) (, supports the school since two years with regular monthly donations. When he visited Puttaparthy in 2006 he took films of my teachings in the Learning Centre of Ramanjeyulu and as well in the school in Mudigubba. He also found another donor for the school giving regular monthly money. Martin and I visited the “Lebensgarten” (Garden for Life) in this year – an ecological project near Nienburg ( ) where I lived some months in 2002. The photo of the dragon located at the main entrance greeting every visitor was taken there.

Martin Callies in front of the mosaic dragon in the “Lebensgarten”

Ivanka Anders, my sister in law, as an enthusiastic, inspiring and engaged grand mother of two five years old twin girls is a specialist for education. The twins visit a very creative municipal kinder garden in Munich; in 2007 I spent some days there to receive ideas and inspirations for our Shanti Ananda kinder garden.

Ivanka Anders pushing forward the merry-go-round in the West parc in Munich

My parents Charlotte and Karl-Ernst Fründt support the Shanti Ananda school project with donations and morally. They are happy that this work gives fulfilment to me and that there is good progress.

My parents at the Airport in Frankfurt when I left Germany for India

The company „Aktuar Data GmbHin Cologne is the main donor of the Shanti Ananda school project giving regular donations from the very beginning; the company is led by Professor Dr. Jürgen Weyer and my brother Herbert Fründt. Before I took my flight back to India they agreed to finance and guide the transfer of the Shanti Ananda School towards a Nature School – thank you so much in the name of the teachers and the students! As a very important condition we have to write a detailed project analysis/- plan inclusive controlling focused on sustainability. We like this condition because hence we are forced to think over each and every detail and to counter-balance potential alternatives against each others.

Herbert Fründt in front of the dragon sculpture at the Primary School Mainzer Straße, Cologne

Dr. Richard Ratka (project director at the Inwent - a non profit company and the succession institution of the Carl Duisburg Society (CDG) und the German Foundation for Development politics (DSE)) ( ) supports the school from the very beginning of my activity in India with donations. Furthermore he gives a feedback to every newsletter which normally is very encouraging. Through Dr. Ratka I got known of his colleague Mrs. Frings who is busy with the support of German schools doing projects and courses concerning aid for development in the Third World. They can receive advice and funds for their projects and as well many helpful materials.

Bittoo (Bedi Amardeep), IT-specialist, was born in Punjab, India, and is living in Munich for many years now. Since long time he is a supporter for the school and the society; for example he gave his laptop to the school as a donation. He was a participant of the PowerPoint presentation in the painting studio of Monika Müller and plans to show it in his company as well.

Bittoo (Bedi Amardeep)

Ingrid Römer supports me with advice and activities as well. She is a teacher at a secondary school; furthermore she teaches 9 hours weekly at the Nature property Ophoven in Opladen near Cologne (; she offers Nature courses for classes from different schools.

Ingrid Römer at the nature researcher’s course at the Nature property Ophoven

I took part at a one day’s course on June 10th and found that it was very inspiring. The children of the first class of a Primary School could train the sensitive handling of nature with all their senses. As a reward for their engagement all the students at the end received medals from wood meaning that they are little nature researchers now. Through the Nature property I received as well some very inspiring materials for activities and games in the nature – when they will be translated into the English language they will become very useful for the Shanti Ananda School as well.

Vera Sartorius, an engaged and creative graphic and web designer in Ruppichteroth near Cologne (, supports the school with donations and good ideas and made the original version of my homepage ( in 2003. In the last years – thank you to her – she put all my changes into the internet.

Vera Sartorius

Claudia Rödler, educationist, spiritual healer and channel medium in Rose Home near Munich, in this year gave a very beautiful channelling to me (from Kuthumi) concerning the future of the school:

Claudia Rödler with the Heart Mandala

„The school will be successful, and you will hand over the concept to other schools. This school is adequate for the human beings in the New Time. You became aware… that the learning in Nature is very essential for the human beings. You will receive even more inspirations integrating them. You are one of the people bringing the learning in the New Time to the Earth because you are able to understand the nature of the human beings and to give what is supporting them to unfold their potential. Man is a nature being; what you are doing in India will be an inspiration for the schools in Germany as well…“

David is a 20 years old trainee for the bricklayer trade; he absolved a two years’ training as a carpenter as well. The young man wants to work in a third world country after completing his training. Of course it will be a big benefit for our new nature school if he can participate building with German know how and accuracy. David will finish the bricklayer Training in August 2010.

David at a face painting action for children

With the presentation of these inspiring people who are doing what the German President Horst Köhler recommends I want to close this newsletter. In the next newsletter you will read the newest developments of the Shanti Ananda School.

With sincere greetings from South India,

Helga Shanti Fründt

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Last not least this photo – taken on June 27th at our „Organisational Meeting“ – shows our children already infected with the “Nature School building fever”.

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