On April 23rd 2014 we celebrated our third farewell party for the 7th class students who left the school. Most of them will attend High Schools - in Kadiri, Mudigubba and other places. This time the farewell party took place in the entrance area of the administration building - for the very first time! Klaus (Prema) created the nice photo of our 7th class students (from left to right: Bharath, Rajesh, Shiva Kumar, Venkatanaidu, Sreekanth, Vijay Kumar, Pavan, Shalini, Haritha, Shirisha and Mounika - Anil was absent) and our school staff including the Karate teachers (right side).


Our 6th Project Week in January 2014 (20th to 24th) with the topic "Flower plants" was a big success: more than 2100 persons - mostly from Mudigubba - came to the exhibition in the administration building.

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Visitors in the entrance area of the administration building

On December 12th 2013 we celebrated a Function in the Brick Fabrication Hall; afterwards new school uniforms were distributed to our 171 students - the very first time since we shifted to the new land. The students showed amazing performances; the guests (parents, the new Mandal Education Officer and more than 20 western people from Puttaparthi) were enchanted. The students presented elements of yoga, Karate, meditation as a part of their show.

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6th and 7th class students show their dancing skills


October 2013: The monsoon was very weak in this year; but in the first half of September heavy rain came some days in sequence. The contour bonds on the area (built in May 2012 for the purpose to collect rain water) were filled with rain water for the very first time... The Mudigubba water tank now has more water as well. We are optimistic that our water needs (watering the plants, toilet and bathroom needs and drinking water) will be satisfied within the next few months.

The View to the Administration Building with freshly painted Globe in the background shows a lush green area with many clouds on September 16th 2013.

Administration building with uncompleted entrance area and globe (water tank of the toilet building)


In August 2013 a Sports and Games day took place on the area with different acitivities. The students enjoyed very much. One impression:

Students practicing sports and games

June 12th was a great day for all of us: the school moved to the new area with all items. Since more than three years we had anxiously been waiting for this day (in March 2010 the new area had been purchased).

View to the administration building

The idea to build up a Nature Concept School was generated in 2008 by our teachers. On June 12th a dream dreamt by us for many years became true. The teachings are arranged in the seven rooms of the administration building (headmaster office, society office, library, teachers’ room, computer room and two labs), in the guest house, in the gardener and watchman houses and of course in the Green Classroom.

Each class will receive an own house in octagon shape – built in the same style as the other buildings. The nine classrooms - later it might be 12 when we received the recognition up to class 10 - will be arranged in the shape of a spiral... The fundaments of the first two classrooms are present already.


May 2013: The Shanti Ananda Education Society arranged a “Spoken English” Course in the summer holidays led by headmaster Raja Sekhar. 45 participants were interested in this golden opportunity to improve their English skills. Many old students participated; everybody was very satisfied with the quality of the course.

Participants of the Spoken English Course