• “I am proud to work as headmaster here; I feel personally that this school is heaven. Children feel free to learn anything; they are getting a fearless education. I haven’t seen this type of school in my life because children can lead many activities with their creative mind. Our teaching methods are different to teach children with head, heart and hands. We use play way, learning by doing and experimental method. Our school children can create anything because they are experiencing creativity in the school time. I like the children practising meditation, yoga, music, and drawing, Pooja and Bhajana songs, Karate, caring for animals and plants. I always call Helga Shanti my spiritual mother because she encouraged and supported me and all staff members. And she conducted much training to the teachers to teach the style of pedagogy. It is my strong belief who gets education at this school they will lead a very beautiful life in the future.” B. Rajasekhar
  • “This is Nature Concept School. First preference are poor children - how to protect the children and how to teach. Other schools have only the normal education. I like this Nature School.” T. Anasuya
  • “Keeping in view that education forms the basic structure by which the younger generation is moulded, Shanti Ananda Upper Primary School has dedicated its services in this field for decades with good infrastructure, good teaching skills, good discipline, personality development, building communication between parents, teachers and students – a good platform for children to build their skills.” M. Gayatri
  • “In this Nature School the students are very interested in many activities. I didn’t see this type of school in my life. Yearly once we have a project week, monthly once a Nature Day and a Medical camp; weekly twice Moringa Laddhus (sweets including Moringa powder) are provided to the students. Students practise very well: Yoga, Karate, Music, Dance, Drawing, Computer, Library, Veda Mantras and watering plants. I feel very happy to work in this school.” G. Munemma
  • “This school is very special because we teach with Nature Concept. Our school is entirely different to other school; that’s why children like to come here.” Zahrunnisha
  • “I am working as a Telugu teacher. The teaching style at this school is very different. We teach the students with play way and activity based practical methods
    • Moral values are taught along with the subjects.
    • The Students practise Yoga, meditation, Karate, music, dance, drawing, creativity, computer, library, Veda mantras and water plants.
    • Our progress is very good: Nature Days, Project weeks and creativity.
    • Moringa Laddhus are a healthy Nature food.
    • The atmosphere is also very peaceful.
    • Every month on 20th a Health Camp is conducted. I feel very happy to work in this school.” N. Giribabu
  • “I am working as a science teacher in this school. This is a nature based school. The school campus is also very peaceful and gives good atmospheric conditions. We have greenery and orchard plants (Mango, Custard apple, Guava etc.).  In this school students are also very active participating in all programs. The Doctor checks up every student and provides good medicine. I like my staff (teachers) and Sirs. We have a good headmaster. He supports us in any problem, in all situations. All staff members cooperate with each other. I feel very happy to work in this school.” P. Babu
  • “In our school we conduct a “Nature Day” every month. Through this the children observe practically and they develop their knowledge, maturity and what is happening on the earth surface. By these programs children get more information and full details of any project than by the present syllabus in the books. We are teaching lessons to them practically by performing rehearsals, dramas, singing songs, role plays etc. Mainly the school environment is very nice and peaceful help to enjoy and for mind relief. The parents of the children feel very happy because their children study in our school. We are very proud and happy in working.” M. Vijaya Lakshmi
  • “This is a modern school. I am working as a yoga teacher. I like our school atmosphere – teaching style, play way methods and so many activities. I like the water tank, tiled houses and the area. I like to teach Yoga. This is a good education giving good skills. So I like our Nature Concept School. I am very interested to work in the school.” A. Saraswathi
  • “I am working as an English teacher – this is God’s gift. This school is entirely different from other schools. I studied in my B. Ed. Training time about Montessori Schools and Shantiniketan Schools, I wished to work as a teacher in such a school. My dream came true; I am very happy to work here. First I like very much atmosphere and pedagogical methods.” G. Prabhavathi
  • “This is a special school. We teach the students moral values along with the subjects. The students practise Yoga, Meditation, Karate, Music, dance etc. We conduct creativity classes, Nature Days, Project weeks and Creativity Progress Exhibition. Moringa Laddhus are a healthy nature food for the students and us. School campus is so nice giving a peaceful atmosphere. We are thankful forever to all those who facilitate and provide all this.” M. Saraswathi
  • “I am working as a Mathematics teacher. This is a nature based school. Nature is not only a word. Nature creates the world and the universe. Nature gives life. We are depending on Nature.
    • I didn’t see this type of school in my life before. This is a very special school. Many trees have been planted here. This area is totally covered with greenery; and it is clean. This school is like a temple or garden. The name “Shanti Ananda” means peace and happiness.
    • I came here and learnt spiritual values, moral values and how to respect others’ advices, how to talk respectfully to others. I feel very happy to work here.
    • I like very much this school. I like the staff. We have a good head master. He supports us in any problem, in any situation and programs. The staff members are like a good family. They have good advices and suggestions. They respect others’ advices and follow.” U. Riyaz

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