Shanti Ananda Newsletter 5/2015


Yoga teachers A. Saraswathi and B. Prabhavathi with certificates,

second row: Horst Wagner, Raja Sekhar and me


Our teachers A. Saraswathi and B. Prabhavathi completed a yoga course of one month at the Shivananda Institute near to the South Indian city Madurai. Yogasanas for children have been one important focus.

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Group photo of the Yoga course participants at Shivananda Institute

(teachersPrabhavathi and Saraswathi see first row)


So we can offer now even better yoga classes for our 172 students, thanks to the donation of the German company Yogistar. The course was an additional qualification for our yoga teacher A. Saraswathi; for teacher Prabhavathi it was the first yoga class. She will now teach Yoga besides sports- like this a long-cherished wish of her came true

On 3 December World Day for people with disabilities was celebrated. Headmaster Raja Sekhar and the 6th and 7th class attended in the High school for girls the only class for disabled children in Mudigubba. About 15 children of all ages with very different disabilities are taught by a specially trained teacher. Our students did service for these children by helping them moving through Mudigubba; this rally was meant to increase the public awareness of the problems of disabled children. Headmaster Raja Sekhar wants to continue to support the welfare of these children. For the students it was a wonderful opportunity to practice service.

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Group photo on the school premises of the High School for Girls


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 Rally of the disabled children’s class through Mudigubba


The so called Butterfly course or bicycle Parcours should, with a stimulating "inner life", become play area for children. The creative suggestions of our students concerning playground planning motivated the German company Yogistar to provide us with an amount for the playground design. So we are going to concretize the ideas of the children.


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The new bicycles in the centre of the bicycle Parcours


The bike course has within its cycle path loops four approximately equal areas. The first quarter will serve as a playground for kindergarten children, the second and third as playground for older children and the last quarter as a rest area (with benches). Coordinator Chandra Mohan and headmaster Raja Sekhar developed a plan for the design of the first quarter. Next, the devices will be designed with exact dimensions and manufactured by us. Security distances need to be considered. A large area for playing with sand for the small children will be added.

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Playground plan for the first quarter of the bicycle Parcours (Kindergarden)



Andreas Mueller teaching football to the boys of the 6th and 7th classes


In the sporting activities there was a special attraction for the boys of the 6th and 7th class recently: Andreas Mueller, who was as a guest on the grounds for two weeks, taught them football. The additional offer was perceived enthusiastically.



Teacher Vijayalakshmi and bridegroom at the wedding ceremonies

Our teacher Vijayalakshmi who has taught five years at the school, got married on 7th November. The newlywed couple will shift to Kurnool - very distant from here. Vijayalakshmi therefore had to end her service as a teacher. She excelled especially in creative design. Teacher Sarojamma, her successor, was for a few months working as a substitute teacher with us already in 2012 and welcomes her chance...

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TeachersSarojamma(left) and Zahrunnisha with girls of the 7th class

preparing Moringa Laddhus (sweets)



The Nature Day in November - our monthly Project Day - dealt with the theme "spider". I was very impressed again with the individual results of the classes. Not only paintings in all varieties and sizes, as well as posters were to be seen, but also 3 D models, small demonstrations, oversized spider webs and life-size "spider".


Spider in the net – creation of the Kinder Garden children


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Student Tejaswani with spider top



Horst Wagner is after a three-month creative break since November active again as school area manager and additionally as music teacher. He started to teach music lessons for the 6th and 7th class. (He is a gifted musician, plays several instruments and composed a number of inspiring songs). According to his understanding our students should receive a reliable and continuous access to the sound experience – singing and playing music. But first and foremost he is acting for our Moringa project under construction. On 4 acres of land in about 5 km distance the trees of life are cultivated; the school project should be financed by the proceeds from the sale of the leaf powder. In the meantime, however, some preparation and works are still necessary.


Horst Wagner with flower chain while welcomed on the area (left side: Raja Sekhar)


So I wish you a peaceful and contemplative Christmas time and a good transition into the next year. Please remember that your donation for our creative Nature School always fall on fertile ground! Teachers and students thank you very much - they appreciate the chance falling to them in the form of Shanti Ananda Upper Primary English Medium Nature Concept School.


With very cordial greetings!


Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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