Shanti Ananda newsletter 1/2012


Shanti Ananda E. M. Upper Primary

Nature Concept School

I wish you a very happy New Year 2012! Albert Einstein – German physicist – expressed very clearly what we want to achieve with our project: “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

School excursion in December 2011

Mother Nature with all her beauty was admired at the excursion of the school on 12th December 2011. Students and teachers went to a place in 3 km distance and visited the Shiva temple. For the picnic the students selected a most beautiful place – many big stones are presented by the geologically ancient Deccan Plateau; but with this – fascinating in its miraculous beauty – Mother Nature did her very best…

The 6th class students learn how to fly…J

Headmaster Raja Sekhar introduced white dresses to be worn by all the students on Friday – this is very common at many good schools in India. The children look like angels with the white clothes – that’s why they learn to fly right now…J Monday till Thursday the children wear school uniforms, Friday white clothes (white colour is a symbol for Peace) and Saturday coloured dresses. Each Friday the pooja (religious ceremony) is celebrated; afterwards all the students receive prasadam (sacred food).

Distribution of Prasadam after the Pooja

The new donation box presented by 5th class students

Our students are very fond to give donations to needy persons and want to help others all the time. These students of the 5th class came to the idea to create a donation box and to collect money with the aim to help poor people. They collected 110 Rupees immediately; and the donation box receives money by teachers, parents and visitors… When it is full the students will decide what exactly to do with the donations.

Donation money for a boy is handed over

In December an old student of headmaster Raja Sekhar came into the school to collect money for a boy who needs a very expensive operation of more than 6 lakhs (600.000 Rupees, nearly 10000 Euro) because of a blood disease. At many schools money is collected for this boy; the newspapers gave report about this topic. Our students welcomed the guest very cordially and donated 324 Rupees of their own money.

Herbert Müller – who has been in the school already in April 2011 – spent some days on the new school area with project manager Horst Wagner and felt so happy that he donated and planted 18 fruit trees.

Herbert Müller, gardener Raju (centre) and helper Ramesh planting trees

He introduced his ayurvedic doctor in Kerala to us – this man wants to donate 70 medical plants to the school area. To build up an ayurvedic garden for medical and healing purpose is an old dream of our teachers…

In December the students took more than 100 Morenga trees to their houses because we had grown up more trees in the school area nursery than we needed. The trees were planted and watered at a place of their selection– as a contribution for a Green Mudigubba. The next project week of the school is planned from 1st – 4th February; it will concentrate onto a Clean and Green Mudigubba – if you want to know more about this topic have a look to the next newsletter.

Students with Morenga trees for Mudigubba

Teachers and the classes 4 to 7 gathered in the guest house - not yet completed - on the Nature Day in December. Everybody was very enchanted with the architecture and harmonious vibration – the octagon shape has a magic effect to all of us…

Nature Day start on 20th December in the guest house

Headmaster and teachers told that meditation and concentration are very much supported by the octagon shape. The guest house – bigger than planned because of a measurement mistake – will sometimes serve as a class room for yoga, meditation and special activities up to the completion of our classrooms in 2012/13. In the moment a school area model is created by a group of 6th class students under the instruction of coordinator Chandra Mohan.

The Nadep compost house is admired by students and teachers

Sunneetha, organizer for organic agriculture at the society JSDA, taught us how to build up a “Nadep Compost” on the Nature Day in December. It is erected directly on the ground (the compost pit in front of the school had to be dug); the walls made of coconut leaves should give protection against animals. A roof is necessary because the compost needs shadow – we have only one single big tree on the area. A three layer system is recommended: the first layer – cow dung – should attract earth worms; organic waste is the second and red soil the third layer. Cow dung is used to cover… Every fourth day the compost has to be watered; after three months it should be ready. In the moment we have less organic waste – we want to collect organic waste from the vegetable market and dung from the goat market and bring it to the compost.

A high jump and wide jump pit was created beside the path to the guest house; in November B. Prabhavathi - a professional sports’ teacher with a lot of certificates in athletics – joined at the Shanti Ananda School. Students and teachers actively participated in the production of the pit. The students look forward to enjoy sports training the very first time. Like this the creativity period activities will increase…

Students and Herbert Müller preparing the long jump pit

We produce clay bricks for building up houses; later we want to sell them according to our vision and receive some income for the school project. When coordinator Chandra Mohan participated in the clay brick course in Auroville in February 2011 he was told that the production of a big brick needs10,5 Rupees expenditures. But now we calculated that one brick needs 17 Rupees (!) to be produced. We analyzed the production expenditures and came to these results:

· Sieving the red soil takes 3 Rupees per brick

· Only 60% of the red soil can be used for the brick production because the local red soil is very hard; like this again three Rupees expenditures generate

Of course we use the red soil not suitable for the brick production for plantation and levelling purpose – nevertheless it is desirable to increase the percentage of the usable soil for the brick production. Sieving is done by hands on our area and in Auroville by a machine. A sieving machine could increase the percentage of usable soil up to 90% and lessen the production expenditures for one brick with four Rupees. A machine would sieve the amount done by three women within one week in two days. The price for a sieving machine is 50.000 Rupees – but because we had to present a new budget to our donors for the new school area we don’t want to add additional expenditures...

Women labourers take the red soil to the sieve

Like this we came to the good idea to build a – very simple – machine on our own; we need 25.000 Rupees for this purpose. Welder, electrician and carpenter as well as project manager and coordinator will form the engineering team – for students and teachers this project might be very interesting and inspiring as well.

With your donation you enable us to downsize the expenditures for the brick fabrication and support the technical creativity. Please mark on the demand draft “sieving machine” – thank you very much!

With cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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