Shanti Ananda newsletter 5/2010


A ceremonial fire is prepared on the new school area

On July 26thBotida(Florian Meyer)who wrote this newsletter together with me - realized a Yagna ceremony on the new school area. A yagna or ceremonial fire for the transforming cleaning and energetic charging is practised in India and all over the world in many religions (like the Eastern fire in the Christian religion). With this ritual teachers and students took the area into their responsible possession. It was New Moon day which augured well to us. Botida explained to us that the mind power is dimmed on this day meaning that the human beings can open more easily for higher impulses and for the inner world.

Botida is going for water

Botida is a specialist for very subtle energies. One week before with his rod he found a place in the western part of the area where we will bore our well. At this place the water seems to be present in a depth of 20 meters approximately. If the out coming amount of water is not sufficient for our needs we have to bore more deeply - down to the ground water level expected in a depth of 300 feet approximately.

The teachers explore the area

While preparing the yagna some scorpions were discovered – they love to lie under stones; and we needed stones for erecting the protection wall of the ritual fire. So it happened that one scorpion was killed. That didn’t augur well on such a special day; and we prayed together and thought over (using the scorpion’s death as a potential for reflecting our lives for the benefit of future generations as well) how to keep quiet in a situation like this and how to practise an evasive or resettlement action (which has to be safe for both sides) eventually later. Some of the participants felt that the scorpion could become our protecting animal

In the scorpion’s tail the spiral – we selected it as the central form for our architectural planning – is to be seen again. May be some design elements of the scorpion (an arthropod) can be used for the architecture of our area. In each case the scorpion is a symbol for transformation occurring in many forms on this very special day.

Prayer to Mother Earth


Oh Mother Earth,


Oh Mother Earth, in your lap we live our lives

and die our deaths.

On your body we have our joys and our pains as well.

You are a very old home of us;

we appreciate you and love you forever.

We want to transform you

into a pure planet of our dreams,

We want to transform you into a planet

where all the creatures have the same value.

We want to transform you into a lovely and soft goddess,

And we embrace you, Mother Earth, with all our love.

You are the ground nourishing us and caring for us.

We want to transform you

into fertile fields of peace, bliss and happiness.

We pray that joy and freedom with millions of sweet smells

may fill our hearts and our souls.


Oh Amma! Oh Amma! Oh Amma!


The teachers feel the energetic quality of bananas

One week before in a workshopBotida trained the teachers and the elder students to test and examine the energy and quality of food articles. Especially in India most of the farmers handle pesticides and artificial fertilizers in a less attentive way (for the benefit of big groups of companies and as well because of ignorance). Nowadays more than 50 % of the soils in Anantapur District are no more suitable for the agriculture because of detoxification. As long as organic food is hardly available it is very important for the people to receive at least halfway acceptable „normal“ food (until organisational structures are created with Botida’s technologies to heal the polluted soils energetically). Botida is busy for some tens of years

on the one hand with the research of energetically transformative (healing and consciousness widening) natural processes and their universal meaning for the immune system of the earth (ofurban and agricultural spaces and of lakes, rivers etc.), beings and of the cosmos (this could become very important in our future nature school especially together with the agricultural experiences for the spreading of technological knowledge towards the farmers and the rural inhabitants)

and on the other hand with the concrete (energetic nature adequate) architectural, engineering - like medical and environmental – technical realization, transferring and ethical - humanitarian – social usage.

In 23 years of sometimes hard research times Botida found out not only that – well known for us – the traditional Indian Ragas, Mantras, Bhajans as well as religious ritual ceremonies and prayers imply, initiate and promote very effective powers and mediums for the energetic transformation (of our inner soul and of the environmental healing),

but also that the „OM – AUM – Omega – MEGA–OM“ besides the SA– Frequency of the Earth Year (with 136.1 Hz - a Cis basing on the A with 108 Hz) corresponds with a special life supporting „Transformative Whirl Structure“ very important for the immune system of the Earth – an AUM whirl structure containing and enclosing all the aspects of SRI GANESHA as well as of SUBRAHMANYAM energetically. This can be used for the deeper understanding of nature phenomena (whirl processes in the body and in lakes and rivers, the wind playing with plants and leaves, cloud whirls and storms) and technologically for the development of future nature system identical technologies (supporting the Earth in her self healing process) like water tubes, turbines, generators, high water prevention systems, aeroplanes, ships, cars and trains as well as for the nano and for the electro technology (like in the medicine machines for dialyse, diagnosis, treatment and therapy). These technologies reflect the inner spiritual reality of our lives and of the cosmos; they are – most interestingly – exactly contradictory to our momentary current usage technologies.


Within the years very interesting health and growth supporting results were achieved (as well by restructuring and healing big areas and by treating single fields). Botida wants to realize these results together with the developments mentioned above in his own technical engineering company and together with a growing ethical and ecological network community. You can receive more detailed information from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Children’s picture showing the vision of a new school

This picture was painted by students of the 5th class reflecting the vision of a new school; class rooms, a flower garden, trees, a gate and the Indian flag besides other subjects were painted. Botida explained to us that – energetically regarded – the picture implies very positive elements. The arch way shape means an antibacterial and life supporting terrestrial golden point looming into the sky as a subtle energy column. The square shaped gate symbolizes Dharma (right conduct and good behaviour). A vertical square symbolizes the static quality and a diagonal square the dynamic quality of Dharma or the Divine Order. The octagon combines both aspects; because of this it is energetically high graded. (Our new class rooms are planned to be built in octagon shape). The shape of the trees shows as well that they are growing on top of golden points coming out of Yagna and Agni-Hotra ceremonial fires and others; they are a symbol for the healing process of the Earth and for vitality.

The picture is vibrating of joie de vivre, blaze of colours and abundance. It shows to us the consciousness of an own cultural heritage as well as a positive future for the own lives, the nature, the society and for India as a nation…

A red Indian song for Mother Earth is sung by the students

Before we went to the new school area we trained on the “old” area a Red Indian song for Mother Earth; boys and girls sang it in a canon. It was a powerful experience also combined with movements later. The children enjoyed the musical interlude as a school community very much.

Goate leno lenomaote, Hayana, hayana, hayana.


We are one with the infinite sun forever, forever, forever.

Raja Sekhar (Meditation teacher, English Coach and treasurer) and Botida enjoy the fruits energized by mantram prayers


Botida in his Workshop on July 19th focused on experiences of energy and aura and the deep internal perception of material and subtle world (concerning our lives and resulting environmental consequences) as a Manifestation of the maternal divine aspect and of the divine enclosing love. The aura of a big tree can be felt and experienced in a distance of 450 meters (we felt the aura of the young Neem tree behind the school building). Mudras (holy finger positions) besides their preventive health care are also very helpful for the feeling of subtle energies.

Our bodies – on the subtle level more or less polluted – like the complete organism Cosmos can be cleaned (Botida showed us some techniques), brought into balance and recharged – leading into an auspicious future - by the eternal original prayer “AUM – the Divine Light“ and by correspondingMantras (as well by the connectedOM – whirl structures)


With cordial greetings from South India

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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