Shanti Ananda newsletter 7/2008


A tree was planted. Although it is made of a newspaper only it has a strong symbolic meaning:

In this last newsletter of the year 2008 I want to show the big variety of activities at the Shanti Ananda School in the afternoon with many photos. We have already some similarity with a Nature School where many activities take place outside. The children love to be outside – naturally... In the next newsletter I will concentrate on the subject „Nature School“.

Munemma explains the usage of materials to the small children

Two years before group work was unknown at the school. In the meantime it became an effective and well liked method of teaching also for the smallest students in the kinder garden.

Paper folding and cutting works in the kinder garden

Munemma counts with the small students. In the background you see

Zakurunnisa is busy with a booklet about games and exercises for the kinder garden. She already collected more than 30 games; they are planned to be published with instructions for use and photos. Zakurunnisa tries out every game with the children before she takes it into the brochure. All the teachers are eager to contribute some games to the booklet as well – an advantage for the children...

Start of the „tricycle racing“

wo children try to push themselves out of the circle with their shoulders -
a game from Za
Tkurunnisas brochure


Circle game

Paperfolding and cutting works of the elder children

Painting mandalas

Embroidery with Nagaratna

In the Shanti Ananda School not only the girls embroider, but the boys as well. Amazingly the embroidery is very popular especially among the boys...

Library (one time weekly)

Raja Shekar trains a dancing performance with a large group

Jayalakshmi shows a film at our new school laptop

Thanks to a bigger donation we could buy a new laptop with a big monitor and a printer– completing our second hand laptop. Now the computer lessons are more effective because more children are able to observe what happens. Furthermore many school materials now can be prepared and printed out. Internet is planned to join in the next month...

"Bollywood“ performance

Bollywood (in Bombay) is the Hollywood of India where a big amount of the Indian films is produced (in the last time Tollywood, Hyderabad, joined). For the children these films and specially the dancing performances are example and inspiration; many impressions can be used for school purposes very nicely.

Skipping ropes in action

A. Saraswathi gives advice to 5th class students building with Lego stones

Chandra Mohan with the big boys

"Flower“ – a beautiful group position in yoga

Girls play “Chinese Checkers“ – a game where brains are needed

Heavily pregnant M. Saraswathi writing the saying of the week:

With this remarkable saying I want to conclude this newsletter.
I wish you a very good transition into the year 2009!

With sincere greetings from South India,

Helga Shanti Fründt

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