Shanti Ananda Newsletter 4/2015

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Playground plan of the 6th class


The new bicycle training place – also called „Butterfly Parcours“ because of its butterfly shape – offers some space in its inside area for this and that... Up to now there is no playground on the area – so the idea came to me to ask the children to present their wishes and ideas.

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Bicycle training place (in the background the two Kinder Garden houses)


Headmaster Raja Sekhar suggested giving opportunity to the students to express their wishes for the design of the bike place on the Nature Day in August (the cycle place arrangement has been donated by several people from Cologne via Walter Hoischen). Each class had taken in advance their wishes and ideas to meet the inside of the bike course with life. The photos show the results of the classes from kindergarten to seventh grade - they have inspired me because of their diversity, expressiveness and colours.

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Lower Kinder Garden Model (in the background teacher Anasuya and headmaster Raja Sekhar)


The youngest schoolers (Lower Kinder Garden) had created a model of wooden blocks with several toys: Seesaw, carousel, slide, climbing frames and swings. Everywhere sand was planned (the desire for a sand play area had been already voiced by teacher Anasuya). There was to be found a railway (desire to move) and benches. Additionally to the model the small ones had painted pictures.

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Model of the Upper Kinder Garden children

The Upper Kindergarten children had made a model of which the children clearly were proud - rightly, in my opinion ... On the model slide, swing and seesaw can be seen. In addition, the children had arranged different floor coverings - such as a flower meadow (!), earth and sand incorporated into their model. Benches provided enough space for sitting. The black-yellow edge painting asking for mindfulness concerning the bikers was clearly visible.

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Model of the 1st class


In the 1st class model, one could identify three swings, a slide (with a huge climbing tower) and a climbing frame for rummaging. On a meadow animals were gathered - headed by outside animals ... So the children want a mini zoo or at least animal elements as playground design.

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Model of the 2nd class

The 2nd class had created a model, in which all the areas were filled with sand. In addition, they had thought of planting trees. An area was reserved for a picnic table and chairs. The play equipment consisted of a slide, a triple swing and a carousel.

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Model of the 3rd class (left teacher Vijayalakshmi)


The 3rd grade had arranged a model with three sand areas and one grass area. The meadow was - as in the 1st class - reserved for a mini zoo. Some bushes had been planted in the model as well. In addition, there were two partner swings, a carousel, several seesaws and two slides. The border demarcations had been designed true to detail.


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Plans of 4th class children


The students of the 4th grade had painted the toys they wanted to be furniture of the bike course. By the way – they are in their own class house since the end of August what they are very delighted of.

The 5th grade (now in their own class house; many children come one hour before the start of school to spend time with their classmates) had created several detailed plans showing the entire place - some with three-dimensional representation of the roof which will cover the bicycles available in near future. In Plan A there was a fountain to admire, next to seesaw, carousel and swing (very creatively represented in the form of three birds). Other diagrams show classic toys like carousel, slide, seesaw and swings, as well as a waterfall. (The desire for water is very pronounced in this arid area ...).

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Plan A of the 5th class


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Plan B of the 5th class


The 6th grade model showed two slides, a triple swing, a small carousel, two climbing frames, a seesaw and a frame for rummaging. Some benches were present on the area. Each plot was neatly edged with stones or with flowerbeds. In addition to this impressive model, the class also had created a very sophisticated plan (photo above under the heading); it was divided into two halves: the first was a rest area (with two small temples for meditation!) and the other one included a sand play area and the classics slide, swing and roundabout for motoric activities.

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Model of the 6th class


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Model of the 7th class


The 7th grade model was more abstract with many toys symbolically represented by labels. In one quarter slide and seesaw were arranged, in the next swing and strength training equipment. Carousel and climbing frame you could find in the third quarter. The last quarter was particularly interesting with animals on thick forest terrain where a fountain and lots of flowers and trees had been arranged. Trees were planted outside as well. A variety of details could be admired.

Call for Donations

The exhibition of the playground ideas was for us very inspiring - now we want to design and build the devices. However, there is no budget yet for our playground dreams. The interior design of the bike course will cost 1400 - 2000 Euros (1 – 1 ½ Lakhs Rupees). I ask you sincerely: please help us to realize the wishes of the children! ☺ ☻ ☼ ♥ ♥ ∞ ☺ ☻ ☼ ♥ ♥ ☺ ☻ ☼ ♥ ♥

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Toy workshop (right side teacher Zahrunnisha)


Stuffed animals are manufactured in the school as well; they will be purchased at the beginning of the school year from the parents for the new kindergarten children - to help reducing the fears of newcomers. Teacher Zahrunnisha – she conducted a "Teddy bear Course" for teachers and villagers in 2012 - is very creative in designing and sewing of animals and other good things, such as cushions, backpacks, decoration items and more.

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Students are shown how to prepare clay idols for the Vinayaka Project Week

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Headmaster Raja Sekhar at the Government High School for boys


On the occasion of the Ganesha (Vinayaka) Festival (14 - 16.9) a project week was realized. The children prepared in advance several hundreds of clay Ganesha idols. At two schools the preparation was demonstrated (Government Boys' School in Mudigubba and Intermediate College for Girls in Kadiri); the resonance was very good. In addition, there was a parade through Mudigubba for creating awareness amongst the villagers. Clay statues for one Rupee could be obtained in the school. The exhibition in the administration building had been arranged with fascinating and most creative and beautiful Vinayaka arrangements (see newsletter 4/2014:

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Clay Vinayaka idols in the entrance area of the Administration building


A few weeks ago five former students attending a local high school came for a visit with their classmates. They wanted to ask me to step up our school to 10th grade...

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Former students with class mates


As Upper Primary School, we have Kinder Garden to 7th grade. The boys reported that they discuss frequently what is so special at our school... Our alumni love coming to us, again joining into the atmosphere and lending a hand. The climate at other schools is very different – even nowadays there are still (expensive private) schools where students are systematically beaten up and humiliated (!). The shockingly frequent student suicides are gaining Increasing attention in recent times; in a chain of about 10 colleges within the past 18 months as many suicides were committed. Many students do this because not having acquired enough marks (power points)... The only ways out of this misery are new methods and approaches in education - one main mission of the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School.

With very cordial greetings!

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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Vinayaka Designs on the exhibition day

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