Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2015

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Tractor Tanker


Already several times I gave report about the water situation in the Anantapur District – or should I say ‚drought situation‘? In this year it is extremely difficult: nearly no water is found in the ground – caused by several deficient monsoons in succession. Surface water is very rare; the biggest amount of the used water will be received by bore wells. Now our two bore wells on the area are sufficient for the guest house and the construction office only. Additionally we have to buy water – 15.000 litres every day... Of course we are sharing this fate with many private houses which don’t have water any more as their bore wells are exhausted…

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Coordinator Chandra Mohan as tractor driver

For the transport of water and for construction purpose as well we bought a tractor very recently. Three times daily it will drive to a place in 3 km distance where we can use a bore well for 6500 Rupees monthly without limitation. On the school area the water will be directed from the tanker to the plants directly with the help of a pipe. Our drip irrigation has no use at this moment as the water pressure is not sufficient because of the lack of water… Green Coordinator Narigappa last week said very cordially ‘Thank you’ for the tractor because watering the plants now is possible only with the tanker. 15.000 Rupees monthly have to be paid for the water supply (Rent of the bore well, tractor driver salary and diesel for the tractor). We hope intensively that the next rainy season will bring a lot of rain; but the recent change of the official name for the Anantapur District from „Drought Area“ into „Dry Area“ is not at all auspicious.


The exchange rate from Euro to Rupee is causing additional expenditures; for one Euro given as donation we receive 65 Rupees only – one year before we received 85! This financial situation is causing some problems; and I want to ask you for additional donations very cordially to cover our unusual expenditures.

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Teacher Prabhavathi with class 7 playing throw ball in front of the administration building


The academic year 2014/2015 is nearly completed; on April 23rd – the last school day – a Saraswathi Pooja will be celebrated as fair well ceremony - according to the wish of the 7th class. The whole school will attend this event including our guest teachers. Most of the students will attend different High Schools and continue their school career. On June 12 the next academic year will start.

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Welcome Pooja for foal Herbert


ON March 1st our mare Tara delivered a foal. Project Manager Horst Wagner reports: „18 months ago a man who was very drunk entered our campus with an injured horse. One hoof had been squeezed and was bleeding. The man wanted to get rid of the mare and was so impertinent to demand a very high price – a horse in this condition is normally doomed in this area and will be slaughtered. I gave the permission to Chandra to negotiate in a very tough way; and we bought the horse for a third of the price demanded by the man at the beginning – 90 Euro. The horse was named ‘Tara’ with the meaning ‘the Peaceful’ (from Tibetan Buddhism). Indeed her character is very peaceful. After some time Tara was gaining weight; and we suspected that our stallion Raju might have made her pregnant. We brought her to a society caring for animals and got her checked. The animals’ doctor said that Tara had a gas problem; we ought to change her food. But I was totally sure that Tara was pregnant and got her checked several times by the animals’ doctor in Mudigubba. A paddock was built behind the administration building to provide a safe and protected space for Tara when the foal would be born. Last night [March 1st] Tara delivered the foal. It was named ‚Herbert‘ after main donor Herbert Fruendt.“

The foal is well again after suffering of an allergy within the first two weeks causing massive hair loss. Mother Tara does not have enough milk; and cow milk has to be given to the foal additionally. The animals‘ doctor treated small ‚Herbert‘ with injections; and now he is looking very nice again.


I want to ask you very intensively to donate for our animals. Beside the three horses we have five dogs as well needing food, medicine and shelter. If you open your heart for our animals you can get your donation used for this purpose only!

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Animals‘ House – exhibit in the Creativity Progress Exhibition


The Creativity Progress Exhibition was as fascinating as always; the creative items prepared by the students within the last two months were presented to other classes, teachers and visitors. An animals’ house had been prepared by the students - maybe it had been inspired by the paddock built for our three horses...


The Nature Day in March had as theme "Harvesting of compost". On the grounds are three compost pits created by pupils; one higher class cooperates with two lower classes at each pit. Large amounts of high-quality compost were harvested on the said day; the good quality could be identified through many larvae of special beetles which were put back into the soil. It was a pleasure to watch the children eagerly digging, transporting and distributing the compost at the plants.

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Loading of compost in order to transport it to the plants

Compost always has had a strong symbolic meaning for me: a highly precious substance obtained from seemingly worthless material enhancing the soil on a high level - a boon for plants and for mother earth. This message is so important for our students - and they seem to have understood it... This event appeared to me as fascinating workings, with any action fitting perfectly into the next.

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Compost larvae of special beetles


The construction work on the school grounds continue despite of heat and drought. Classroom No. 5 is in an advanced status: the masonry works are largely finished; the roof construction is pending. The walls of classroom No. 6 are currently built with stones; the next layer will be built with our self-prepared bricks.

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Classroom No. 6 under construction

We assume that in the academic year 2015/16 - starting on the 12.6 - the third and fourth class can take their new classrooms into possession. Mid-2016, we expect the end of the construction measures. Then hopefully all nine classes (two Kinder Garden classes and classes 1 to 7) can be taught in their own rooms – a dream dreamt since 2010 will come true...

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School Moringa Garden in harvested status

The Moringa experimental garden on the campus was harvested before the start of the biggest heat, which is expected in May. The Moringa leaves are removed from the stems, dried, milled in the mixer and packed into covers.

laddu.jpg - 116.99 Kb

The powder obtained in the last crops was given to the school - for the preparation of Laddhus - and to some Moringa lovers taking the leaf powder of the "tree of life" as a highly potent dietary supplement. By using the proceeds of the sale the healthy sweets can be distributed to the pupils; additionally necessary equipment and accessories can be financed. Like this we are able – with the help of the Moringa experimental garden – to contribute a small amount to the creative self-financing of the school.

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt


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View to the Administration Building with new entrance area

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