Shanti Ananda Newsletter 4/2014

Karate demo of our gold medal winner at the parents’ meeting

August 2014 was a very eventful and active month: on 15th Independence Day was celebrated; as usual the day before games were arranged, and the winners received prizes later. On 19th at a parents’ meeting the winners of a Karate competition were honoured; and finally from 20th August onwards a project week took place with the topic „Nature Ganesha“.

Press photo of Karate price winners, Karate teachers, guests, Headmaster and school teachers

A 2nd State level Open Karate championship -2014 was conducted by Shito Ryu Karate –Do India .It is near Hindupur at Gauribidanur in Karnataka – a Karate competition of more than 2000 students from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Our school students won two gold medals and one shield in karate khatha events [of 30 in Andhra Pradesh totally]. A parents‘meeting was arranged for honouring the winners, Anantapur District Karate President Akbar Ali and Karate Master Shakhavali were present. P. Sariya, student of the 7th class, had won the first place at Karate Khatha events, and she received a shield and a certificate. M. Raju, 7th class student, and A. Sreekanth, 6th class student, had achieved third places receiving gold medals as well. The two guests, Sub-Inspector Reddeppa and the new Andhra Bank manager Manjunath, handed over the certificates to the winners. Afterwards a small Karate demo was shown to the parents. P. Sariya’s demo was most impressing: positioned on a nail board she was encumbered by a heavy granite stone; the Karate teacher split it into two pieces… The parents were deeply impressed; especially sport events enjoy a big prestige here and now in India. For me it was very touching to see M. Raju receiving as a Karate winner – two years before he nearly died because of blood problems; and all the students and teachers collected money for blood transfusions at that time.

Debate about Nature Ganesha and chemical Ganesha before starting the Project Week

Topic of the Project Week completed on August 25thwas „Nature Ganesha“ – very suitable as on 29th August the yearly Ganesha Festival was celebrated (Ganesha, the elephant god, symbolizes a good start, success and protection). This festival is after Mahashivaratri (festival of Shiva) the second important one in India. Originally it was a spiritual event, but nowadays it is a commercial celebration mostly, with people drinking alcohol and making a lot of noise. The Ganesha statues presented on rallies - mostly prepared of chemical materials -are put into the water at the end of the day. Like this every year again a huge pollution is caused – especially in this drought area with less water, the district in India with the second last rain fall.

Arguments of students and guests for Nature Ganesha

Arguments against chemical Ganeshas

Some days before starting the Project Week a debate about Nature Ganeshas and chemical Ganeshas was arranged by Headmaster Raja Sekhar. The children who had been busy with this topic class wise had selected leaders to present their arguments in the debate. Three guests had been invited: Doctor Govind, Priest Raghu and Electrical line man K. Bala Raju who had shown the preparation of a Nature Ganesha to students and teachers in the last year already.In the debate a big number of aspects worth to think about were brought into the minds of the participants (see photos). Our guests were impressed by the creativity and sharp mind of our students.

Project Week Plan

20.8.: Team and work distribution

21.8.: Preparation of the exhibition

22.8. Preparation of exhibition and rally

23.8. Rally in Mudigubba

25.8. Exhibition at the bus stand

Project week plan

Clay Ganesha under construction

Preparation of plant colours

The rally of the students through Mudigubba – with many different slogans for consciousness rising – was a colourful event attracting a lot of attention.

Ganesha rally of the students through Mudigubba

On the last day of the Project week (August 25th) the exhibition took place at the bus stand in midst of Mudigubba – the very first time outside of the school premises. A big variety of Ganeshas was presented to more than 2500 visitors (adults and children from Mudigubba and the villages around): Ganeshas made of clay, seeds, leaves, coconuts, CD’s, fruits, vegetables, grass and cotton. Our students explained the preparation of Clay Ganeshas and as well of natural colours. The main differences between chemical Ganeshas and Nature Ganeshas were clearly pointed out. The responsible team was very happy and satisfied to get the chance to inform so many people about our exhibits and activities. Balaji Naik, a 6th class student, asked the people to protect Nature and to buy Nature Ganeshas. The feedback of the visitors was positive, many visitors appreciated our activities. Some Sai Baba students coming from Puttaparthi (40 km distant) for the exhibition asked us to show it there as well.

Ganesha exhibition in a tent at the bus stand

The press responded very well; within one week eight newspaper articles were published in different newspapers – about Project Week and Karate event. After the Project Week a success meeting was held by students and teachers to reflect the week.

Crowd in the Ganesha tent

The realization of this week was a dream of Headmaster Raja Sekhar. When he studied for B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) being very unhappy about the ‘Chemical Ganesha Festival’ he had the wish for more nature awareness and spirituality already. He is very satisfied about having brought some knowledge about Nature Ganesha and more awareness to the people.

Students enjoy their activity as awareness bringers

I am very impressed and very satisfied with this week as well and would like to see many more interesting and conscious widening project weeks realizing the dreams of students and teachers. I am deeply convinced that aim and goal of a good school are mainly to enable the students to realize their dreams. Shall all of us realize our most beautiful dreams!

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt

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Independence Day Celebration (August 15th)

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