Shanti Ananda Newsletter 3/2014

Article about Shanti Ananda school project in “Eenadu” on August 3rd


On August 3rd, Friendship Day in India (called „Raksha Bandan“ because everybody ties friendship bracelets around friends’ wrists) a big article about the Shanti Ananda Nature School Project was published in “Eenadu” – in the whole Anantapur District. Reporter and educated teacher Calendarwho wrote a very positive article already in November 2009 gave many valuable pieces of information about aims and goals, teacher training, building measures and future plans.We understand this article as an appreciation for our pedagogical work; and we are happy that all Anantapur District knows about our model school now...


In the Academic Year 2014/15 we have 171 students totally. Since the start of the Academic Year our kinder garden children are taught in the first two new class rooms recently completed. The small ones luckily accepted their new beautiful places and enjoy their separate rooms – with sufficient distance to the next building for not being disturbed by each other. The size of one class room is 45 square meters approximately giving a lot of space for different activities (for example Yoga) and as well enough storage space for all materials.

The Lower Kinder Garden(LKG) children in front of their new class room

The Upper Kinder Garden(UKG) children practising Yoga in their class room

Since the start of the Academic Year the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School has the Recognition up to 2018/19 –the first time for the school on our new area where we shifted in the last academic year. In India the recognition has to be renewed regularly – a very big procedure… Thanks to the hard work of our headmaster Raja Sekhar it was successful.

In July – in midst of the rainy season – one more rain ceremony was arranged in the medicine wheel (our ritual place on the school area). Teachers and students sang bhajanas; Veda mantras were recited, and prayers were spoken. Nevertheless the rain in this rainy season was very scarce. Many people understand this as a consequence of change of climate (the so called El Nino” effect). The water tank of Mudigubba is nearly empty – very unusual during this time of the year; the ground water level is going down… We hope desperately that it will rainwithin the next days and weeks – otherwise we will be forced to buy water from outside for our water needs (watering of plants, washing and toilet).

Rain ceremony in the medicine wheel

On the Nature Day in June (our monthly project day) the students were busy with digging a new compost pit and cleaning the area. Three groups were arranged: students of the 6th and 7th class dag the compost pit; children of the 4th and 5th classes removed the weeds in the flowers pots; and the 3rd class students cleaned the bath rooms. The small students (LKG, UKG; 1st and 2nd class) collected papers, plastic covers, horse dung and dry leaves on the school area. Most of this material could be used for the new compost pit later.

Watering of the new compost pit

Topics of the Nature Day in July were (as part of a new series about Ayurveda plants)Tulsi and Moringa, also called“Drumstick”. Dramas were performed, plant receipts presented; and an exhibition of students’ paintings and other works had been arranged in a charming way. Our expert for growing up Moringa Horst Wagner taught the students some valuable pieces of knowledge and experience.

Drama about Tulsi

As in every Academic Year the Shanti Ananda Education Society distributed workbooks and text books to all our students free. Bank manager and police chief had been invited as well; and happily they shared the distribution.

Project manager Horst Wagner distributes a book set to a kinder garden child

In June all the teachers attended a one day workshop about “Human Values“ arranged by the Satya Sai Trust in Anantapur; many teachers from the District participated in this training about Education in Human Values (EHV).

Workshop “Human Values” (EHV) in Anantapur

Teacher Prabhavathi is guiding the training day about „Science“

From25th to 29th April 2014 – in the summer holidays - a kinder garden training had been arrangedin the guest house, planned and initiated by Headmaster Raja Sekhar with the aim to improve the quality of our kinder garden teachings. Two Government teachersguided the first two days for the subjects „Mathematics“ and „Telugu“.On the third day our teacherPrabhavathi led the trainingfor the subject “Science”; on the fourth day M. Saraswathiteacher became active for the subject “Social”. Raja Sekhar led the last day in the subject „English“. The Kinder garden teachers were very satisfied with this special training as it was practical – suitable to our pedagogy for head, heart and hands.

Coordinator Chandra Mohan gives a book donation for the library

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Hurdle racing, in the back ground the new class rooms

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