Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2014

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Brahmasthanam sculpture

Botida (Florian Meyer), who conducted two workshops at the school in 2010 and discovered two bore wells points on the area in 2012 did measure out the school area brahmasthanam. According to Vaasthu Shastra, the ancient Indian ancestor of the Chinese Feng Shui, brahmasthanam is a principle of Vedic architecture and community planning that designates the centre point of a building or geographical area (Wikipedia) presenting the absolute - Brahma – and as well the centre of the Akasha space energy.

Lotus with Yantram in the centre

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White golden cobra and plate with footprints

Botida arranged the necessary Vaasthu Yantrams in the sculpture and gave an initial blessing to it with students and headmaster Raja Shekar. The Brahmasthanam – located in a very central area beside the meeting place near to the administration building – was designed with a highly artistic, aesthetic and - on several layers - very meaningful sculpture. It is crowned by a lotus flower with a yantram in the centre representing the absolute or Brahma to be identified while standing in the golden footprints. This celestially beautiful art work was painted in soft pastel colours and is integrated into a small stone garden; the earthly character creates an impressing contrast to the total heavenly impression of the sculpture. More garden elements will join. Please feel free to ask Botida for more pieces of information (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The construction of the waste water recycling pit (behind the toilet house sloping down to the water tank) was difficult and is not yet completed. Two of the three pits are completed; but the arranging of the third one triggered our buttons: exactly at this place a massive rock is giving hurdles to our plan. Several attempts to remove it by hand work were not successful.

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Two pits of the waste water recycling pit, at the right toilet building

The blasting specialists demanded an amount of 10.000 Rupees (!) for one single blast; that’s why coordinator Chandra Mohan came to the creative solution to change the shape of the third pit: instead of a rectangle now a half moon shape should be arranged by our masons. Like this it is no more necessary to remove the rock.

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The first two class rooms

The first two class rooms – built in our well experienced octagon style – are nearly completed and will be inaugurated and used by two classes in the next academic year. The construction of class rooms No. 3 and 4 has been started.

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A mosaic flower is integrated with team work

A mosaic work for the floor in the entrance area of the construction office – a project planned since long time – was started under my guidance. A lotus flower design in the main colours green and pink (the colours of the students’ school uniforms) is the fundament for the total creation; the lotus flowers are inserted onto the concrete as a whole and surrounded by green tile pieces. In future many mosaic projects are to be realized on the area, under participation of students as well…

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Dog mother Whitey with son Dicky in the construction office

Animals are an integral and important part of our area: meanwhile two horses (Raju, a brown stallion who is with us for two years, and Tara, a white mare joining us few months before) have their home on the area. Tara still has an injury at the foot, meanwhile it is nearly healed. Our Nature Day in March was about the topic “Aloe Vera“ and inspired us to treat the wound with Aloe Vera gel twice daily.

Our two dogs Whitey und Dicky have an exciting and eventful history: Whitey (a bitch) and Blacky (a male dog) joined us as puppies in January 2013. Blacky had an accident in November and died; Whitey delivered two puppies on January 12th 2014: Dicky and Blacky junior - thriving nicely. But during the very first excursion of dog mother Whitey with Blacky junior the young dog was kidnapped – eventually by a shepherd. All the researches by students, teachers and school area staff had no result. Like this Whitey, the dog mother, and son Dicky now are on strength hold for the area... Last not least there are two rabbits in a cage in front of the construction office; they will receive a bigger one in the rainy season.

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Treatment of TARA with Aloe Vera Gel

The Nature Day in March had the topic „Aloe Vera“ (a very well-known plant in Ayurveda, the classical Indian healing art). As usual pictures were presented, and dramas were shown – especially the students of the 7th class who will leave us very soon showed a very excellent and touching drama: how to replace the orthodox medicine by traditional Ayurveda methods with the help of Aloe Vera…

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Distribution of Aloe Vera plants to the students

Unluckily a lot of the ancient knowledge was forgotten within the last decades; and the people have to be reminded – as a Nature Concept School we certainly can give an important impact… In the next Academic year we will be busy with other Ayurveda plants as well. Neem, Moringa Olifeira and Tulsi are already cultivated on the area;2000 young Moringa Olifeira trees are growing on a separate space. By selling Moringa products we plan to generate an own income as a project within the next years. An Ayurveda garden is planned on the area as well. After the Nature Day small Aloe Vera plants were distributed to interested students for cultivating them in their houses in pots or directly in the soil. Like this the Ayurveda might become more popular in the children’s families…

The last Academic year ending on April 23rd was eventful, very exciting and as well stressing…

  • Shifting to the new school area in June 2013 – Students and teachers now do experience their total daily life here. Everybody feels that the new area is big bliss as it is peaceful and silent (opposite to the noisy Mudigubba), becoming greener and more beautiful daily and as well giving space for many different activities and meetings. The water tank at the downer part of the area – with the water going down at temperatures of about 40 degrees – is a very charming landscape including the mountains in the background; but after some time this view will be covered by our growing trees…
  • Long-lasting strikes in Rayalasseema from August till October 2013 caused by the bifurcation of the Indian state Andhra Pradesh. During the strikes the Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School was the only one in the total surrounding conducting normal classes – because of successful negotiations of headmaster Raja Sekhar and coordinator Chandra Mohan with the strike movement Samaikyandhra. While other schools were empty our students planted trees, arranged a sportive event and did other activities. In the moment circumstances are uncertain again because of the elections all over in India on all political levels – but hopefully we will not be bothered by strikes once again. Strikes usually are practised by government employees only – government teachers, bus drivers, officers etc. enjoying a safe income. The majority of small enterprisers in India do not sympathize with this attitude, but cannot do anything...
  • Transfer of the school area to the Shanti Ananda Education Society (SAES): the land does still belong to the „Prabhath Rural Development Society“ (PRDS), but ought to be transferred to the SAES very soon.

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Nature Day in February with the topic „fire“


As the Shanti Ananda Education Society (SAES) in March 2010 was not eligible to buy land with foreign donations we asked the Prabhath Rural Development Society (PRDS) (, to arrange the purchase in our name. A Memorandum of Understanding fixed the modalities of transfer: as soon as the SAES would have the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act) and the recognition as a charity organization (12 A) the transfer should occur. These conditions are fulfilled now; and we can find ourselves in midst of a very tiring, intensive and difficult paper war. One additional condition for the land transfer is the redesignation of the school land from „agricultural“ into „commercial“ land (as we arranged buildings on the school area)... Many complicated formalities have to be done for this procedure as well; and a fee of 190.000 Rupees has to be paid.

This sum luckily was donated by our music teacher Klaus Chmiel (Prema). The land transfer will also demand a fee of more than two Lakhs of Rupees..

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Helga Shanti under the sun roof


The recognition of the school – which has to be renewed in 2014 for the next 10 years – is linked with the land transfer. The tremendous paper war became even more difficult because of the long-lasting strikes; we had to deal with irregular timings of the responsible officers, change of officers because of the elections being conducted in March, April and May and last not least with absent officers or closed offices. Our endeavour to have success without bribe money is very difficult as the majority of the officers is demanding a personal advantage; the average officer does not have the consciousness to do service or something beneficial for the public people… A lot of patience and perseverance is actually necessary for us to finalize this most important issue…

The video „Das Maedchen, das fuer 6 Minuten die Welt zum Schweigen brachte (The girl silencing the world for 6 minutes)“ shows an event already happening more than 20 years before- but it is still worth to be seen and very touching!

Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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7th class students prepare a “Nature fridge”

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