Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2013

In February the sixth project week took place; the teachers had decided to take once again the topic of the last year for a deeper approach: „Clean Mudigubba“.The main slogan was „Reduce, reuse, recycle“, inspired by the Karuna Society in Puttaparthy (, fighting against plastic covers. At the very beginning the students collected plastic covers in the surrounding of the school; later they created beautiful itemsof plastic waste in the school.

Children collect plastics in the environment

The children prepared – with plastic wasteonly – animals, fruits, vegetables and decorations. Huge, big and small animals as well as a “plastic monster” and dolls were made – besides a cow eating plastics. All the fillings of the stitched items consisted of plastics only. The techniques for this handicraft (cutting, stitching and filling) were learned by teacher Zahrunnisha in the last summer holidays at a “Teddy bear” course. In the Dussehra Holidays she taught the teachers and some villagers; and now all the students are practicing eagerly...

Students prepare a cow eating plastic covers

On the third day the older children went into the „Old village“; most of our students live there. They informed the people about the dangers of plastic garbage. Fifty posters of the Karuna Society were fixed at house walls and public buildings (in the last English Newsletter I gave a report about this touching “Plastic cow” project:

Students explain the problem with plastic garbage

The children showed the preparation of paper bagsas well – as an alternative to the painful plastic covers – and of ropes drilled of plastic covers. They tried to convince the people to ban plastic covers; some inhabitants said that the factories producing them should be closed…

„Mother Earth“ gives a petition to the police; on her left the “Plastic monster”


Society President M. Saraswathi hands over the petition in the Panchayat

On the fourth day teachers and studentswent for a rally; several offices in Mudigubba were visited. All the officers received petitions demanding a ban of plastic covers; they were open for this option...

“Plastic Cow” poster of the Karuna Society

“Mother Earth” with Society logo

The petition is planned to be presented to the Collector in the District capital Anantapur as well; The MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) will hand it over to him.



Student with plastic animals and doll on the guest house veranda

On the fifth day the beautifulresults of the project week were exhibited. The Guest house and as well the gardener and watchman houses were used for this purpose.

Vegetable shop prepared with plasticwaste

The colorful and vibrant exhibits- showing creativity, originality and handicrafts’ knowledge – were worth to be admired. In the Guest house the “Plastic Cow” video of the Karuna Society was shown to the visitors.


Crocodile and fish with boat

A Highlight of the daywas a laughter yoga session arranged bySheenafor the students in the guest house (; very spontaneously the students „jumped“ into the situation and participated in this joyful event.

 Sheena with Prabavathi teacher and students on the guest house veranda

In the afternoon a parents ‘meeting was arranged in the guest house; some changes regarding the Shanti Ananda Education Society (SAES) had to be discussed. All the parents aresociety members: instead of school fees they pay an amount of 300 Rupees for the membershipyearly). The SAEShas received the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Registration Act) very recently(official recognition by the government).Furthermore SAES received charitable status according to 80 G und 12 A, enabling the Indian citizens to pay less taxes when they give a donation. The SAES boardwill change because of special rules and regulations after receiving FCRA.Head mistress in charge M. Saraswathi stays President;teacher G. Saraswathi becomes Vice President; headmaster Raja Sekhar becomes treasurer; coordinator and accountant Chandra Mohan becomes secretary. The parents - as society members- select joint secretary and two EC members. The number of EC (Executive Committee) members was reduced from eleven to seven. We hope that a good cooperation of parents and teachers will take place in the SAES for a future oriented creative pedagogy basing on human values.

Workshop with NGO consultant Manjunath Reddy: arranging of a “social net“


 Anasuya teacher shows pineapple decoration made of plastic waste

Romula, Vice President of the Karuna Society, informs about the pollution with garbage in Puttaparthy:Shri.B.Aravind… wrote "Chithravathi. The painful story of pollution of a holy River"... the pictures are painful reminders of what public apathy, indifference and cruelty can do. Share with all the awareness of the state of our river Mother Chithravathi:

Children in front of the construction office on the exhibition day


G. Sabitha, former headmistress of the school and Society President till 2011, wrote a very remarkable article about the work of teachers (she is absolvingtraining as children’s counsellor):

“What does a Teacher make?

Speaking at a graduation ceremony, a school Principal said: "The Doctor
wants his child to become a doctor..., the Engineer wants his child to
become an engineer..., the Businessman wants his
ward to become a CEO..., BUT
a teacher also wants his child to become one of them, as well.. . ! Nobody
wants to become a teacher "BY CHOICE"... very sad, but that's the truth!"

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a
CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, "What's a
kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to
become a teacher?"

To stress his point he said to another guest: "You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be
honest. What do you MAKE?"

Teacher Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You
want to know what I MAKE?"

She paused for a second, then began . . . "Well, I make kids work harder
than they ever thought they could. I make a 'C+' feel like the
Congressional Medal of Honor winner. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of
class time when their parents can't
make them sit for five min. without I-Pod, Game Cube or movie rental."

"You want to know what I make." She paused again and looked at each and
every person at the table, "I make kids wonder . . . , I make them question
. . . , I make them apologize and mean it . . . , I make them have respect
and take responsibility for their actions."

"I teach them how to write and then I *make* *them* write. Keyboarding
isn't everything. I make them read, read, read. I make them show all
their work in math. They use their God given brain, not the man-made

"I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know
about English while preserving their unique cultural identity. I make my
classroom a place where all my students feel safe. Finally, I make them
understand that if they use the gifts they were given - work hard and
follow their hearts - they can succeed in life."

Bonnie paused one last time and then continued: "Then, when people try to
judge me by what I make - with me knowing money isn't everything - I can hold
my head up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant. You want to
know what I MAKE?"


The CEO's jaw dropped; he went silent.

*A "Teacher" includes all like our mother, father, brother, sister, coach
and spiritual guide. *
*We ARE, what they MADE us; please share this with every one of them t**o
convey our thanks to them as also to prove that we are their worthy


One final request:

we need desperately donations for solar energy (administration building, watchman- and gardener houses)!


Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt




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