Shanti Ananda newsletter 4/2011

Snake dance on the new school area

In June we could observe a very extraordinary event on the new school area: a snake dance – the locals understand this as a very auspicious phenomenon. So we obviously can expect very good developments for our Nature School…


Meanwhile we have 145 students; the Shanti Ananda School is appreciated by the people very much; nevertheless our students still have to learn at a very tight place. Nine classes have to share eight narrow rooms. After the completion of the huge administration building on the new school area – with seven rooms – in 2012 some classes will probably be able to shift. It might take two more years till all the planned buildings – including the class rooms built with self made clay bricks - will be finished.


Our mathematics’ teacher Jaya married in March and shifted to Anantapur with her husband. Now we have a 7th class as well – one more class than in the last academic year. Because of these reasons two new teachers were engaged: the mathematics’ teacher Venkata Narayana and the Hindi teacher Vijaya Lakshmi; both already started to teach the students.




Vijaya Lakshmi

Venkata Narayana


On June 23rd the second workshop of Andrea und Angelika took place in the school. The two teachers from Germany had already been busy with a yoga workshop and a water colour workshop in the last year.



Angelika and Andrea are heartily welcomed by the students


This time the tow multi talented ladies practised a very beautiful „flowery“yogasana (yoga exercise) – composed of several steps; afterwards the students had the opportunity to express artistically their impressions. Students and teachers were cooperating to prepare lotus flowers of paper Mache under the trees in front of the old school. Even the taxi driver and the sweets‘seller participated in this activity with enchantment. All the present people happily manufactured this special flower. Besides: also on the new land a lotus flower pond is prepared in the very moment…


Lotus flowers are made of newspapers and wallpaper glue


Afterwards Angelika donated some clothes of her 13 years old daughter for a number of very poor children. The two German teachers as well took part in the distribution of the new text books for the students on this very special day.



Distribution of clothes by Angelika


Andrea und Angelika are ideal partners of the school: they teach students and teachers; they donate materials and money, and they inspire the realization of the Nature school. Andrea told us that a friend of her is ready to build ponds for the cleaning of used water at the new school area. Furthermore they took items to Germany made by our students in the project week. They want to sell these products on a school bazaar; the incoming money will be donated for the Shanti Ananda School.


Andrea with visitor in the exhibition room in Germany


In Germany some weeks before two exhibitions took place – colourful artistic photos of Indian sceneries were presented by Andrea and Angelika.



Coordinator Chandra at the brick machine in Auroville


In February already our coordinator Chandra Mohan participated in two courses in Auroville (Tamil Nadu) learning the fabrication of clay bricks and the technique how to build with these stones. Meanwhile we have an own brick machine – besides five models enabling us to produce 20 different types of bricks; and now we start with the preparation of clay bricks (made of red soil, sand and some cement).



Chandra building up a wall with clay bricks




Creative Guest house made of Granit and round stones


Last not least I want to request you very cordially to give us some donations for plantation purpose - thank you very much in advance. This is the reason: in June our main donors in Cologne, Germany, welcomed our priority plan for the next year; they promised to give funds for the completion of the administration building, the watchman – and the gardener house, the first guest house and some toilets. But unluckily they refused to give money for plantation purpose; they argued that – as a Nature School – we should grow up our own trees from seeds only. On the one hand they are right; and of course we are willing and ready to grow up trees and plants from seeds. But on the other hand in a country with a desert climate – like the Anantapur District – it is important to have some shady places on the area as soon as possible; so we need some more advanced trees as well. The financial gap for plantation purpose improved our creativity; coordinator Chandra Mohan had the idea that the students’ parents might donate some trees; furthermore we want to ask the RDT (Rural Development Trust) and nurseries to give trees; nevertheless we need roundabout 2000 Euro for plantation purpose. Chandra Mohan – his dream is to make a desert area green – now started to collect funds from friends and locals. He already received 3000 Rupees; and he wants to collect some more thousands of Rupees by asking VIPs and other people in Mudigubba. I hope that you might become inspired by this good example and give some extra funds to us! Thank you very much!




Chandra Mohan with 3000 Rupees donation money for plantation


With cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

Donation Accounts

Foreigners should give their donation to this FCRA account

Shanti Ananda Education Society

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Account No: 185410100007532

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Indian persons should give their donation to the

Shanti Ananda Education Society

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Account No. 19073080607


snake 2.jpg

Snake Dance with Project manager Horst– Photo collage made by Chandra

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