Shanti Ananda newsletter 4/2010

The temporary shelter – our first building on the new school area

Three months before the last newsletter was sent. Meanwhile – in the summer holidays and the start of the academic year 2010/2011– a lot of activities took place on the new school area. Under the extreme heat - exhausting for everybody - the whole area was enclosed by an iron fence; some weeks later we want to make it green – an opportunity for the students to become active may be within a project week. They were already very helpful by building up the temporary shelter.

Our students are helping with a lot of enthusiasm

The planning of the Nature School and the preparations for the building process change the daily life. New personal structures were created; project manager Horst Wagner and coordinator Chandra Mohan, before headmaster, are now responsible for the building process and the shaping of the new area.

Head mistress and Society president Sabitha, coordinator Chandra Mohan and project manager Horst Wagner

For the Shanti Ananda Education Society – expecting the FCRA from the Central Government in Delhi within the next months – we rented a silent flat very near to the school; it is planned to function as a head quarter and as room for guests as well. That means that we are able to provide space for trainees and other helpers as well…

Headmistress and art teacher Sabitha fixed new paintings in the old school buildings demonstrating very clearly that nature is our focus

New Nature paintings in the school building

She prolonged the creativity periods in the afternoon for all the students and extended the creativity timings for the kinder garden children. Yoga now is a regular activity already for the smallest students. Meditation – for a long time already a regular activity in the school – was differentiated; the kinder garden teachers receive a special training by our meditation teacher Raja Sekhar because the smallest children should practise special meditation forms for younger children. Now 130 students are present at the school; we had to select 22 children out of more than 60. It is very important to hold our quality standard “Not more than 20 children in one class” enabling the teachers to care for every single student.

Neem tree on the school area

When the school area was cleaned all the “Kampa” trees which have very deep roots were removed. This wonderful Neem tree now is the only tree on the area. Its leaves are well known for their disinfecting effect; the Indian people traditionally clean their teeth and gums with its twigs. Dental creams are enriched with Neem tree extract; and eco friendly farmers use the Neem tree cooking water for the natural prevention of plants against pests.

Workers setting granite stones for the iron fence

On this photo you can see very clearly the dryness of our area. It is located very near to the Mudigubba water tank which – however - has not been full for seven years… (Most of the water tanks in this area are seasonal lakes; in the rainy season they are may be full and after more and more empty…). It will take some efforts to make this land fertile and green according to our vision.

Two bore wells were planned on the area; but only one will be permitted. (In the Anantapur District now bore wells in agriculture are banned because of many illegal bore wells); but hopefully we will receive the permission for our construction works. Thick tubes have to transport big amounts of water into the basin – only for some hours daily the three phases current is available which is compulsory for this purpose. The current officer is in jail because of corruption; if the line officer gives the permission for an own transformer for the nature school the daily current cuttings will disappear…

The main gate with the entry area is planned to be completed in July; after a poojari (priest) with some knowledge of Vastu (the Indian FengShui) will inaugurate the area. A watchman house – already made in clay technique – will join; as soon as our bore well is present a new watchman has to start his duty and have an eye onto the tubes and the pumps…

Design of the main gate by Horst Wagner

The centre of the complete area and of the designed spiral – formed by the future buildings prepared with natural clay – will be a tree – suitable for a Nature School. We will visit architects with recent experiences of natural clay buildings in Auroville (Tamil Nadu); many clay buildings are present there. The Anantapur district is a clay area by nature; but within the last decades all the people built with cement and forget their own typical traditions. But it is much better for the health and more suitable for this climate to build with natural clay…

With cordial greetings from South India

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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