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This hot off the press booklet – written by the teachers of the Shanti Ananda E. M. School – contains more than 40 games and should inspire persons busy with education to use more play way methods. Of course it is planned to spread information of our school to a bigger public as well. Perhaps a donor for the four acres land we need to build our Nature School will be found through this public relation (in Mudigubba the price for one acre land are two lakhs or 200.000 Rupees – approximately 3333 Euro...) On the last pages some information concerning the specialties of the school and contact addresses are given. The proceeds of the booklet will come to the account of the Shanti Ananda Education Society.

On 7th march our „Cultural Presentation“ took place. Dances, dramas, rhymes and the new kinder garden booklet were presented to the public people.

The teachers had arranged an exhibition in the newly painted class rooms (kinder garden materials, the kinder garden booklet, figures of clay and plastic modeling material as well as different models and handicrafts). Each of the six class rooms had a focus and a special atmosphere. The visitors were very pleased with the variety of colors and forms of the exhibits: they seemed to invite the people to touch and to play what is exactly the aim and goal of kinder garden materials. They should inspire the senses of the children and build up and enhance their creativity; many different ways of handling should be possible.

The Mandal Education Officer (2. f. l.), the officer who is responsible for schools in the mandal (administrative area) Mudigubba, was shown the different materials and their usage in the daily life by headmaster Chandra Mohan (3. f. l.)

At the beginning of the presentation the organizers and some guests were asked to come to the stage. Chandra Mohan explained the specialties of the school in a speech to the visitors; I presented the kinder garden booklet. The Mandal Education Officer, who was very pleased with the exhibition, spoke very positively about the development of the Shanti Ananda E. M. School.

When events like this take place some souvenirs are given as well – the people call them mementos – in this case a statue of Lord Venkateshwara. The Mandal Education Officer received it from my hands.

Afterwards the stage – consisting of bullock carts – was left by the „officials“ and given to the singers, dancers and the other actors.

As the beginning of the cultural program these four girls chanted in a chorus guided by the drum rhythms of our school doctor. Our doctor gives free service to our students for more than one year regularly one time monthly by examining them and giving medicine if necessary.

This „Health Camp“ inspired even one of the games – a role game – in the kinder garden booklet: the doctor game. “We select a doctor who has to examine two or three members. The doctor asks the first patient about his diseases. He says for example that he is suffering with cough and cold. The doctor writes this into his note book. The teacher gives an explanation to all children how these diseases develop and how they spread.” Like this the children get information about some diseases and loose their fear of the doctor.

A stage worthy fashion show came next. The kinder garden children presented themselves accompanied by hot music and confetti rain. They enjoyed very much to show their beautiful dresses to so many people (500 to 600 persons were present). Some photos of our sweet pets:

When there are events like this the children are prepared nicely like small adults; it is the first opportunity for little girls to wear a sari – the sari is allowed only to adult women as a garment. When the first period is starting the girls are permitted to dress up with a sari; at that time they are able to be married (the law prohibits a marriage for girls aged less than 16 years and for boys aged less than 18 years; but the reality very often is different - especially in the rural areas…) The first period for the girl and for the whole family is a big festival: relatives and neighbors give saris (as a symbol that the girl became a woman) as well as jewelry and other gifts.

Rhymes with action were shown after. Rhymes as a traditional part of the Indian kinder garden education seem to me very useful. They give the chance to the children to train their memory, to coordinate their movements and to act together in a group.

The Indian stick dance (Kolatam) mostly is danced by men only. Because of the engagement of school advisor Manjunath Reddy boys and girls could learn it and perform it together in front of the public people.

This dance shows very effectually the beautiful and colorful South Indian dresses.

The „Jakiki“ traditionally is danced by women. The trainer Gangama traveled 20 km from her village Siddharampuram to Mudigubba to teach it to the students...

This sixth class boy caused a sensation with his dances; he expressed eight film songs. His energy and his expressive repertoire are nearly unbelievable...

At the end a Moslem family photo – a high percentage of our students are Moslems.

Our parents’ meeting on 21st march focused on the benefits of yoga, the meaning of the project week and the reflection of our „Cultural Event“. Headmaster Chandra Mohan plans to offer yoga courses to the parents in the next academic year and wanted to give some information to them in advance. Raja Sekhar gave explanations about the meaning of the project week and announced that we plan to conduct a project week every year – in the last newsletter I wrote about this. The parents could examine the new kinder garden booklet and had the opportunity to see some photos of the “Cultural Presentation at the school laptop with the big monitor.

With sincere greetings from South India,

Helga Shanti Fründt

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