Shanti Ananda Newsletter November 2007

This newsletter concentrates on "Creativity".

Nowadays this subject is discussed with passionate enthusiasm in the world of education as shown by the headline in the "Hindu" from October 22nd 2007. Step by step the public and the teachers begin to understand that creativity practiced in the daily life of school has many advantages: the students have more joy and fun with learning, they learn more quickly, they are more self confident etc. One striking exercise found by scientists in Germany: the students are able to get the knowledge needed for the baccalaureate in only eleven months when they are al- lowed to design their personal way of learning. In the normal school they need nine years! I am very convinced that the mankind has the knowledge and as well the skills for solving all our problems in a deep and including way when our crea- tivity is allowed to come out. Our children are our future – we should give the chance to them to create it in a creative way!

This way of thinking is new in Andhra Pradesh; many schools are still very tradi- tional even using the stick as a medium of “education. So it is very important that the teachers can learn how to handle the children in a more inspiring way…

The first "Educational Meeting" –

initiated by the Helping Eagle Foundation, Puttaparthy, for representatives of three primary schools and for people busy with education found part on October 31st at Monika Müller, the patron of the Helping Eagle Foundation. It focused on the sub- ject “Creativity”. All the present persons agreed that education in creativity is very important for the schools nowadays. I was honored by showing my PowerPoint Presentation about creativity prepared for the demonstration to the members of Rotary Club in Bangalore. Here are the main statements:

Creativity is our god given ability to create. We are creators, and the world is our creation.

Nowadays our ability to create is more important than ever before.

Our creativity is supported by an atmosphere of joy, acceptance and love. Fear and pressure are the natural enemies of creativity.

Children expressing their creativity learn better and keep the matters more deep- ly.

They are happier and more self confident caring for others as well.

The participants of the Educational Meetings stated that the education towards creativity has the first priority, not only for the students, but especially for the teachers. Because of this reason workshops about this subject are needed.


Teachers of the Sri Shirdi Sai School in Puttaparthy are busy with artificial clay in a work- shop given by me in August 2007.

Chandra Mohan and Nagaratna, both Shanti Ananda School, showed with a spon- taneous theatre play how creativity can be practiced. They gave an idea to the present people how a teaching in Human Values can look like. They performed the "Hasty Rabbit" – a story about the herd instinct and the results – taken as an ex- ample in a teacher workshop given by me in January 2007.


Chandra Mohan and Nagaratna performing the drama “The hasty rabbit”


The hasty rabbit

It was a windy day. Strong wind blew so hard that there was a "whiz" sound throughout the forest. A rabbit was very frightened. He ran and hid himself in a hole in the trunk of a big tree.

All of a sudden, he heard a big "thud" sound near him. He sprang up and ran through the forest. He started hooting "The sky has given way and fallen down".

On his way he met a deer. The deer asked: "Hey rabbit! Why are you running?" The rabbit answered: "Didn't you hear the sound? The sky has fallen down". The deer too started running.

They both met a zebra. On hearing the matter, the zebra also started running. As the three ran they were joined by a giraffe, a jackal, a fox, a wolf, a deer and many more animals.

A lion heard the noise and came out of his den. He asked: "What is the matter?" All animals said in a chorus: "The sky has fallen down".

The rabbit said: "I saw a portion of the sky falling down". The lion asked: "Can you show me the place?"

The rabbit led all the animals to the tree. There, they found a mango lying. The lion said: "Here is the portion of the sky which has fallen sown". Now, all the ani- mals were ashamed of their immature behaviour.

Herd instinct leads to chaos.


Manjunath Reddy is official advisor for the school –

He is the person with the white shirt sitting beside headmaster Chandra Mohan. Manjunath is very talented and engaged for the Shanti Ananda School: he trained the students for the cultural program shown in our school inauguration; he gave good advice concerning the contract with the Surpanch about the using of the school rooms – originally a temple room. Concerning the application of the recog- nition and registration his advice was also very helpful and useful. At this time we are happy to say that the application is completed; we are very sure to receive the recognition as well as the registration at the latest in January 2008 – including the classes 1 to 7 as well as U. K. G. and L. K. G. (Upper Kinder garden and Lower Kinder garden). The M. E. O. (Mandal Education Officer) plans to visit our school in the next two weeks.

The last teacher workshop focused on the subject “paper theatre”. At the end the teachers performed a drama for the students. The photo shows a scene of the training:


With many sincere greetings from Puttaparthy,

Helga Shanti Fründt

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