The Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School (Upper Primary English Medium School) is located on an area of 9,5 acres at the water tank in Mudigubba, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. 2010 - 2016 we built an eco sustainable school including buildings, gardens, play ground, bicycle parcours and other facilities. Our concept includes reforestation and plantation; more than 3000 trees have been planted within the last years.

Water Update October 2017

 watertank.jpg - 75.68 kB

The water reservoir of Mudigubba in October 2017 - filled to the edge

The Anantapur District is known as a "dry area" after increasing drought in recent years could no longer classify it as a "drought area". When we bought the school area in 2010 for a relatively cheap price (1 Euro per square meter _ 9.5 acres for 30,000 Euro), it was a short time later moderately flooded. In average every seven years flooding might happen, we were told. Our buildings were constructed in such a way that they could not be flooded even during floods.

In 2017, however, we have only reached the real maximum - much higher than in 2010. The highest water level is actually just 2 cm below the ground level of the classrooms for grades 4, 5 and 6 - the lowest situated classrooms of the area.

map.jpg - 35.29 kB

  The lower situated houses: class rooms 4, 5, 6 and guest house

We are now wondering what to do next. The guesthouse is accessible only by walking through water (about 30 cm high); until the water drains again, two months will pass for sure. Can we expect our visitors to wade through the water?

When we purchased the land - from private - it was not classified as government land (so-called DC land [Deputy Collector]). It was intended and used for agricultural purposes. However, it would normally have to be declared as a protected area on a territory as a government country. But this has not been the case; and in our case it means that we have to bear the risk of flooding. Now there is certainly no danger to life and limb; but the situation is not pleasant at the moment. Above all, the guest house - which is mainly used for visitors and for special events (teacher training, music events…) is affected.

It was a shock for us, when in the second October week after violent rainfalls the water level suddenly rose very quickly. We were really afraid that some classrooms would be flooded ... Thanks to God it did not happen, as the course of the Mudigubba water tank has a level that is below our affected classrooms. The school classes who were concerned were temporarily were taught in the administration building - thankfully we have this possibility.

But how to go on now? Nobody knows how the weather will develop in the future ... Our beautiful garden facilities at the guesthouse are spoilt; and is it worth to reapply them – as we do not know when a flood is to be expected again? For us, it is a difficult and frustrating situation - although on the other hand we are glad and relieved that we have escaped the hairline of a greater malaise. Nevertheless, the mood is currently somewhat dampened.

Here are some photos and videos:

 2010.jpg - 113.51 kB

The view in 2010 to the school grounds shows water, but it is much lower than currently.

 classrooms3.jpg - 60.24 kB

View to classrooms 4 and 3

 HM.jpg - 133.02 kB

Headmaster Raja Sekhar in front of the guest house

Suguna.jpg - 116.1 kB 

Caring lady Suguna with our horses Tara and Herbie on the area, in the background the lake 


Put.jpg - 103.22 kB 

This photo shows the main road in Puttaparthi, 40 km from Mudigubba, after heavy rainfall. The water flowed into the river Chithravathi, which had no water for 8 years

Chithra.jpg - 95.12 kB 

The Chithravathi river in Puttaparthi on 11th October


newspaper.jpg - 242.95 kB


Yogivemana.jpg - 82.21 kB

The Yogivemana dam in Mudigubba - full to the edge

Buffalos.jpg - 91.81 kB 

The water buffaloes are the happiest animals right now


Mosaics and Unity


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Sunday, 29 March 2020

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