Since 2014 a number of mosaics have been created on our premises. At the moment the biggest one with a size of nearly 144 square meters is done in the amphi theatre. When I look back – today is the 30th December 2017 – to the last years I feel that the mosaics have a big meaning for us as symbols of unity.

Mosaic in front of administration building

The first mosaic was done on the floor of the former construction building which nowadays is the office of Shanti Ananda Organic Health Products Pvt. Limited. In 2015 a fountain - including a big flower in the center - was built in the inner space of the administration building; it was decorated with a mosaic. The first tree on the area, a neem tree, has been framed with a bench and decorated with mosaics as well. Stairs (guiding to the south part of the area) and entrance of the administration building have been covered with mosaics as well. At the moment our last mosaic in the amphi theatre is 75 % complete.

Mosaic Amphi theatre on December 2nd

Mosaics appear to me as symbols of unity because many different tile pieces are forming a unit; in spite of their diversity they seem as a whole. The tile pieces which are regarded as waste or garbage are used in a meaningful way to create something beautiful. Mosaics are fascinating because the eye can always find something interesting, extraordinary and stunning. Not one piece of tile is exactly like the other ones, all are singular – because of this mosaics are symbols for individualism and unity at the same time. Everyone on the area can participate temporarily in the creation of a mosaic; students and staff people as well as guests and laborers are cooperating on the same level with the purpose to create beauty. New contacts and new networks will generate like this. Everybody once participated in the creation of a mosaic feels integrated into this bigger purpose. Every time when I see the mosaics my heart is beating faster for joy because the mosaics represent to me the beauty we can achieve together, caused by the integration of design / structure and the different pieces of tiles.

Mosaic Fountain in the centre of the administration building

I am deeply convinced that the creation of mosaics is most meaningful for children. They can feel like a piece of tile integrated into the mosaic of the institution. Every child can be as it is and, with its being, makes a meaningful part of a larger whole. As well they experience that it is possible to integrate many different things into a bigger whole. Especially nowadays – in an increasingly chaotic world – this aspect is very important and encouraging.

Bench around the first tree on the area

Mosaic on the veranda of the Construction/LTD Office