Eco sustainable Ganesha idols

The idols were sold for 1 Rupee only to aware the people for the benefits of eco sustainable Ganesha idols. Of course donations were welcome also...
Topic of the Project Week was the preparation of eco sustainable Ganesha (Vinayaka) statues or idols. As the last project week had focused onto Ganesha statues as well this project week was slightly different. The main endeavour was to produce many Ganesha idols for the public.
The students were shown by a specialist how to create these idols with the help of a form, and then they prepared more than 100 idols with clay under the Neem Tree on the occasion of the Ganesha (Vinayaka) Festival (14 - 16.9.2015).

Ganesha arrangement in the entrance area of the administration building


Headmaster Raja Sekhar at the Highschool for Boys in Mudigubba

At two schools the preparation was demonstrated (Government Boys' School in Mudigubba and Intermediate College for Girls in Kadiri); the resonance was very good. In addition, there was a parade through Mudigubba for creating awareness amongst the villagers. Clay statues for one Rupee could be obtained in the school. The exhibition in the administration building had been arranged with fascinating and most creative and beautiful Vinayaka arrangements (http://natureconceptschool.org/news/newsletter/english/174-shanti-ananda-newsletter-42014.html).