We have animals at the school because we want to have a holistic area covering many aspects of life. Life is complete with human beings, all the other creatures and plants living together in harmony. Our school program is expressing the benefit of caring for animals. The students will train their sense for empathy and learn to practice responsibility. Animals - for example dogs - are good fellows for man expressing emotions naturally. Animals are an integral and important part of our area.

Foal Swathi beside the multi purpose and guest house


Tara and Raju under the Neem tree


Dog mother Whitey with her two puppies in January 2015

Meanwhile three horses are present: Raju, a brown stallion who is with us since 2012; Tara, a white mare joining in November 2013 and foal Swathi, born January 2016).
We created a special horse area near to the administration building at the boarder of the school premises. Furthermore four dogs are present.

We are planning a mini zoo with rabbits and birds.