Visitors and Guests

"Thank you very much for your open doors and open hearts. I enjoyed the visit at your school project very much; and I hope you will continue to make the children happy while learning and exploring the wonderful nature around the school. I’m looking forward to see you and your teachers and pupils next year."

Visitor, 21st October 2013


"It was a very happy and divine occasion to have a visit to this school. The concept of teaching and the provision of creativity is very unique and amazing. I pray to the Lord to give blessings to the school, to management and children."

Visitor, 30th August 2013


"It was a very amazing reception by the people here! I am thankful for the detailed information on earth blocks and breen building concepts."

Visitor, 24th April 2013


"I am so grateful to all the teachers and staff for allowing to deliver laughter yoga to their amazing school. With love and kindness,"

Visitor, 13th April 2013


"Thank you very much for the invitation and the option to share my knowledge with you! Your project is a courageous step; and I wish you much energy and inspiration for completing it. It is a place of peace; may all those participating in this project be blessed and protected. I felt very energized and recharged in the time with you!"

Visitor, 16th January 2013


"Thank you very much for the friendly presentation of this wonderful project! Here very beautiful areas are being created. Thank you to Horst for his art to create this. I feel a very high spirituality in the realization and as well the love for nature."

Visitor 15th January 2013


"We are very glad to visit your school and will be happy when you can move to the new buildings. Very beautiful project!"

Visitors, 7th January 2013


"Thank you for letting us know such a wonderful project designed for the most needy children of this area. May God guide your initiative towards success and well being of many human beings."

Visitors, 5th January 2013


"Thank you very much for the wonderful reception. My heart is opening when I see the children and the teachers. I hope I see you as soon as possible in the new Nature Concept School in Mudigubba!"

Visitor, 28th December 2012


"Shanti Ananda spreads the wings around our hearts! We experienced great joy and bliss during our visit to the remarkable Model School and community. We pray this heaven will become an example for schools to follow in the Golden Age now unfolding around us."

Visitors, 25th July 2012


"Today we (Peace Welfare Society) conducted an Eye Camp in the Shanti Ananda School. We tested nearly 100 students… All the staff was very cooperative giving good support to us."

Peace Welfare Society, 17th March 2011


"It was a very inspiring day for us, thank you very much for hospitality. Many compliments for the teachers and for their work, Best regards for the new year and for the new school project! We had a lot of joy today with all the children."

Visitors, 28th December 2010


"It was a great pleasure to meet the teachers and the children of the Shanti Ananda English medium School! I hope to see you soon. God will bless your work!"

Visitor, 1st October 2010


"The visit in this school today was a great joy. We are very impressed about the art of teaching and about the great and kind children. We like the loving way of the teachers and children to heal each other."

Visitors 29th September 2010


"I like your school very well. I will help you to get a new school with nice energy."

Visitor, 20th September 2010


"I was very curious to see the Shanti Ananda School. Many thanks for the heartily reception and the good hospitality! Very much thank you for the option to visit the school. I will come again for supporting the new school project!"

Visitor, 14th April 2010


"One of the HIGH LIGHTS of my travels around India and other countries were the smiles, the laughter and the curiosity and honesty of the children – leaving you filled with joy of purest nature. It is a great experience - no words can describe my feelings and emotions. Thank you, Helga, for giving these moments to our lives bringing hope into our future."

Visitor 29th March 2010


"Thank you for your warm welcome and for giving me the opportunity to speak to the children on compassion for animals. I appreciate the school, teachers and all their efforts for a good education of the children! My good wishes for more success and God’s blessings and warm regards!"

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature, 24th February 2010